Ep45: Up Your Gym Bag Game

10 January 3, 2018 - Archive, Wellness & Fitness
The YL Drop
The YL Drop
Ep45: Up Your Gym Bag Game

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Happy New Year, Drop of Inspiration listeners! We are excited for another year full of opportunity, abundance, and—of course—inspiration. We want to start 2018 strong and help you stay motivated with your new year’s resolutions. Many of us have recommitted to eating healthier and hitting the gym more often, especially after the holidays.

That’s why in this episode of Drop of Inspiration, we’re bringing back a past conversation with Haley Jensen from the Young Living Education team about upgrading your gym bag. You might be anxious to hit the gym and get started on your goals, but having the right products in your gym bag is an important first step. You’ll be more inspired to work toward your goals year-round if you use these healthy YL products that are created to support your hard-working body.

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