Hygge the YL way: Your essential guide to cosy comfort

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The Danish concept of hygge has taken the world by storm. Danes are consistently ranked as some of the happiest people on Earth, and with the longstanding cultural practice of hygge, it’s not surprising! Before getting too far in our quest for cosy, comfortable happiness, let’s learn how to say it, so sharing this concept with friends and family is easy!

How to pronounce hygge

Hygge is pronounced hoo-gah, but don’t make those vowels too long, pals! The vowel sounds in a lot of languages don’t have an exact match—much like there isn’t an exact word in many languages for hygge. Don’t get too hung up on the pronunciation—that wouldn’t be hygge at all!


While you can feel hygge anywhere, whether out and about on your bike or reading in the library, it’s easiest to experience it in your home. A few subtle tweaks will have you feeling hygge in no time. You can make similar adjustments to your office or other personal spaces to bring hygge into all areas of your life.

Hygge décor

There’s no need to redecorate your home to have it fit a certain aesthetic. Hygge is about feeling safe, cosy and comfortable. It may mean adding a few extra pillows and blankets to a basket or lighting a fire in the fireplace more frequently; but don’t redesign for a look that doesn’t feel like you.

Another element that is very important to hygge is the incorporation of nature into the home to remind people of the beauty and wonder of the natural world. For some, this may mean sheepskin rugs, wooden furniture and pine boughs. Your interpretation may include fresh floral bouquets or even welcoming a furry family member into your home.

To bring the aroma of nature into your home, try diffusing favourite floral or evergreen essential oils such as Lavender, Geranium or Pine.

Best Essential Oil Diffuser

One component of hygge that is surprisingly overlooked in many households is lighting. During the daytime, keep curtains and blinds open to let in as much natural light as possible. In the evening, swap out overhead lights for lamps. In Denmark, people love a crackling fire to light the dark nights. If that’s not your thing, the Desert Mist Diffuser offers a beautiful, warm, flickering light, reminiscent of candlelight, with the added bonus of up to 10 hours of diffusing your favourite essential oils on intermittent mode.


As we’ve noted, hygge is about comfort and happiness. For many, the right soundtrack can be key in creating that feeling. If you have a record player, try digging through some old vinyl for a bit of nostalgia and spend a weekend spinning vintage tunes. You could also collaborate with friends to make an epic playlist of favourite songs!

Cosy cuisine

Perhaps one of the most hygge things you can do is bring out the yummiest foods to share with family and friends. Don’t fret over the occasional extra calories, or better yet, indulge with treats that you know are made with good-for-you ingredients, such as a winter soup infused with your favourite Plus culinary oils, dark chocolate peppermint truffles or cinnamon fruit dip.

Warm from the inside out

The feeling of sipping a warm cup of herbal tea or hot cocoa while nestled in a big blanket reading your favourite book: that’s hygge at its best. Try adding a drop of Plus oil to your herbal tea or flavour your hot chocolate recipe with Cardamom+ or Cinnamon Bark+ to elevate your hygge experience.

You’re not alone!

Integral to hygge is connecting with family and friends. When we invite guests into our homes, we often bear the burden of cleaning, cooking and entertaining. Hygge recognises that the feeling of happiness comes from being together, not over fussing. Ask friends to bring leftovers, pull out whatever happens to be in the fridge and enjoy time with one another; loads of laundry can wait! Try diffusing blends like Joy or Thieves to help add to the intimate setting.

Hygge clothing

The only thing you need to know about dressing for a hygge lifestyle is feeling comfortable. That doesn’t necessarily mean your rattiest pyjama bottoms and the slippers you maybe should have thrown out a few years ago. You should also feel happy and confident in your appearance—ready to take hygge out into the world.

Feel comfortable

Stay warm and content in cuddly sweaters, woolly socks and trousers whose waistband never digs. To add to your peaceful, easy feeling, place a few drops of Lavender essential oil on a washcloth or dryer ball the next time you do your laundry.

Friends and family

As we mentioned above, being with loved ones can be one of the greatest elements of hygge. Whether they join you for weekend brunch, an evening walk or a picnic, time with your favourite people is the best way to make you feel hygge. Don’t forget your furry friends in your time creating connections. Being with them helps build oxytocin—the love hormone—which is perfect for hygge!

Casual get-togethers

We want to reiterate: Hygge isn’t about being lazy, but it is about placing effort and energy into the most important things. For example, cleaning out the office is less important than fostering relationships with dear friends. Extravagance is unnecessary for inviting friends or neighbours over for playing games or watching movies. Remember to share responsibility with your guests and get to enjoying each other’s time!

Small groups

Keeping your gatherings small can add to your experience of hygge. Being able to connect over conversation with a few choice friends helps you shake off the stresses of everyday life. Help everyone feel relaxed and calm by filling the room with the sweet, serene aroma of Stress Away in your diffuser.

There’s no doubt that we’re huge fans of hygge! For other tips that can help you cultivate the comfortable, happy feelings of hygge, try unwinding with our DIY cocoa mint massage bar, as well as ways to snuggle up with autumn blends.

Keep cosy happiness in your life! How will you hygge this year?

Let us know in the comments!


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