Oils for Letting Go of the Past

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As we look towards the future, it can be difficult to let go of the past and picture the next steps on our journeys. With this blog, we’ll be taking you through some of our favourite oils that encourage positivity, motivation, and joy, to help us to stop dwelling on the past – and instead look forward to brighter days ahead!

Peppermint Oil for a Positive Outlook

One brilliant way to focus on the future and let go of negativity is by introducing a fitness routine to your daily life. Whether it’s hitting the gym, stopping by the yoga studio, playing a favourite sport, or chasing after your little ones, physical activity helps your body and mind feel great. One of our favourite essential oils to use during exercise is Peppermint, as its tingling, cooling effect complements tough workouts perfectly, particularly when it’s massaged into neck, shoulder, and leg muscles. For an extra hit of minty freshness, why not try adding a few drops of Peppermint+ to your water bottle at the gym, allowing your tastebuds to be tantalised while you work up a sweat!

Peppermint and Peppermint+ essential oils at the gym

Motivation Essential Oil for Inspiration

Having goals and aspirations to work towards offers one of the best opportunities for looking forward to the future and letting go of the past. With its uplifting and affirming aroma, Motivation essential oil is one of our most inspiring blends and is perfect for those who need a push in the right direction towards setting goals and creating a purposeful life. Made up of oils such as Roman Chamomile, Black Spruce, and Ylang Ylang, this sweet and herbaceous oil is fantastic when added to a refreshing hair spritz, a skin-soothing body balm or even a warming bath.

Motivation essential oil for a pampering bath

Gratitude Essential Oil for Appreciation

One of the best ways to bring a fresh perspective to your own life is by offering compassion to others. With the scent of our incredible Gratitude essential oil blend, you’ll find that you’re able to let go of worries and focus on manifesting joy, abundance, and happiness in your life. Containing renewing oils such as Myrrh, Frankincense, and Coriander, Gratitude is fantastic when diluted with a favourite carrier oil and used in relaxing massages – and pairs well with oils such as Joy and Release.

Gratitude, Release and Joy essential oils

Acceptance Essential Oil for Embracing the Present

To enhance positivity in your life and look to the future in hope, few oils are as empowering and enlightening as Acceptance essential oil. With Ylang Ylang, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood^, and Neroli as key ingredients, this deeply soothing essential oil blend is perfect when used as a signature scent in the morning when setting your daily goals. Let go of the past and accept what it taught you as you look forward with appreciation, and most importantly, self-acceptance.

^Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood is a trademark of Jawmin, LLC.

Acceptance essential oil with sunrise

Forgiveness Essential Oil for Moving On

Sometimes, letting go of what has been holding you back requires forgiveness. With the sweet and spicy scent of Forgiveness Essential Oil, you’ll have the opportunity to transform your daily routine by embracing positive new adventures. Enjoy the aroma of Rose and Geranium essential oils by rubbing Forgiveness onto your pulse points and pamper yourself with this nourishing oil, which promises to help you focus on self-nurturing and self-compassion.

Forgiveness essential oil with massage

What are your go to oils when it comes to letting go of the past? Write your comments below or contact us at mseublog@youngliving.com


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