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At Young Living, we love all our essential oils, whether they’re floral, herbaceous, citrusy, or woody in their aroma. However, from time to time, we come across oils that are so fabulously versatile that we can’t help but count them as firm favourites. Our Sage essential oil and Clary Sage oil fall perfectly into this category! Despite sharing similar names and coming from the same shrub family, their scents are entirely individual, and their benefits are plentiful.

In this blog, we’ll be walking you through the key differences between Sage and Clary Sage essential oils before showcasing some of our most beloved Sage-infused products, helping you get to grips with the benefits of these deeply soothing and enticing oils.

What’s the difference between Sage and Clary Sage essential oils?

While their names would suggest they are similar, Sage essential oil and Clary Sage carry significant differences – so we like to think of them more like ‘second cousins’ than ‘siblings’ within the oil world. While Sage is strong, spicy, and clarifying, Clary Sage is gentle and soothing with a sweet, floral fragrance.

Sage and Clary Sage Essential Oils

Sage Essential Oil: A Saving Grace

Renowned for its bold aroma and cleansing properties, Sage essential oil is a great oil to use during spiritual rituals and massages or simply for inhalation during trying times. For the ultimate oil experience, try combining Sage with oils such as Dragon Time essential oil before applying to your neck and shoulders – a blend that will leave you feeling motivated, positive, and powerful.

Sage and Dragon Time Essential Oils

Clary Sage Essential Oil: Silky Soft Skin

If you enjoy introducing essential oils into your beauty routine, Clary Sage oil deserves a place in your Young Living collection. Whether you’ve been fighting the frizz and are looking for some deep conditioning, have been in search of an oil that’ll combine with Epsom salts to create the spa-like bathing experience of your dreams, or want a soothing and calming oil that you can add to a bedtime body butter for silky-soft skin come the morning, Clary Sage is the one for you. We also love combining it with oils including Lavender and Geranium to make a gorgeously floral perfume!

Clary Sage, Lavender and Geranium Essential Oils

Sage+ Dietary Essential Oil

To transform savoury dishes, poultry seasonings, soups, sauces and more, look no further than our Sage+ essential oil. While those who are new to essential oils may think only of their topical uses, our culinary range of oils are delicious, powerful, and beautifully fragrant, allowing you to capture the flavour of fresh herbs and fruits in just a single drop. Sage+ essential oil offers a warm, earthy flavour that can be used in everything from marinades to baking, so why not tantalise your tastebuds with something new in your kitchen this season?

Sage+ Essential Oil for Baking

Clary Sage Floral Water

In addition to our incredible Clary Sage essential oil, we also offer a delightfully refreshing Clary Sage Floral Water. Steam distilled from the lilac and cream flower; this gentle floral water captures the stunning scent of Clary Sage in a rejuvenating spritz. Simply keep on hand at your desk or at home and use around the clock for a purifying pick-me-up or soothing facial toner.

Clary Sage Floral Water for Skincare

What are your favourite ways to use our Sage and Clary Sage essential oils? Write your comments below or contact us at mseublog@youngliving.com



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