Ep37: Yoga and Essential Oils

13 September 26, 2017 - Archive, How to Use Young Living, Wellness & Fitness
The YL Drop
The YL Drop
Ep37: Yoga and Essential Oils

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It’s national yoga month, so we’re sharing this encore episode of our conversation with Ed Dailey, Senior Global Educator, RN, RNPA, and certified yoga instructor, about yoga and essential oils! Ed shares some of the best meditation techniques and essential oils for yoga to help you feel more grounded, calm, and spiritual. Ed will also teach us how to get creative by trying new meditation essential oil blends and creating diffuser recipes with essential oils like Lavender to create the optimal atmosphere for relaxation.

Plus, for those who want to start using essential oils in their yoga practice immediately, we included an afternoon practice at a recent Balance: A Yoga and Wellness Retreat at the end of the episode. Follow along during your own practice! If you’re interested in attending an event, head over to the Young Living Balance Events page to get more information on events near you and to register.


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