Spotlight on Sandalwood Essential Oil: Origin and Uses

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What is Sandalwood essential oil?

Even novices to the world of essential oils are likely familiar with the distinctive scent of Sandalwood essential oil. Its aroma is celebrated for its perfect balance of earthiness and sweetness, making it a popular base note in perfumes and fragrances.

Sandalwood essential oil originates from the wood and roots of the East Indian sandalwood tree, Santalum album. It is said that the older the tree, the more aromatic the oil, with 30-50 years old being the optimal age for harvesting. Once harvested, the bark is then ground into a powder and steam distilled to extract the oil held strongly within the wood.

Aside from its rich aroma, Sandalwood also has a rich history, particularly on the Indian subcontinent. In Hinduism, Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and good fortune, supposedly lives in the Sandalwood tree, giving the tree religious significance.

Sacred Sandalwood vs. Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood^

Here at Young Living, we love Sandalwood so much that we couldn’t settle for just one essential oil, we have two varieties available: Sacred Sandalwood and Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood But what’s the difference between these unique oils and why are they both worthy to have in your collection?

Image of Sacred Sandalwood and Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil surrounded by sandalwood bark.

Sacred Sandalwood

Our Sacred Sandalwood essential oil provides a warm, sultry, and soft aroma. The oil comes from the Santalum album species transplanted to our partner farm located in Australia. The farm was selected for its similar landscape and climate to the species’ native India, and it follows YL’s Seed to Seal® guidelines and award-winning sustainability measures to protect this sought-after oil.

How to use Sacred Sandalwood:

  • Inhale or massage before yoga practice to evoke a sense of calm and grounding
  • Apply to your pulse points as an inspiring, elegant perfume
  • Swirl a few drops into your bath for a pampering treat
  • Add 1-2 drops of this sweet oil to your daily moisturiser to promote radiant-looking skin
  • Enjoy as a key ingredient in YL’s Harmony and White Angelica essential oil blends

Image of YL’s Down Under Sandalwood Farm and Distillery

Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood^

Our Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil on the other hand, offers a sweet, woody, and bright aroma. The oil originates from the Santalum paniculatum species grown at the Kona Sandalwood Reforestation Project on the Big Island of Hawaii. This species grows at a higher altitude than its Indian counterpart and was once traded exclusively by Hawaiian royalty, giving the oil its “Royal” name. Out of respect for the land, the project waits until the trees reach the end of their natural lives before being harvested for oil extraction.

How to use Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood:

  • Infuse 10 drops with 1 cup (roughly 270g) of Epsom salt and sprinkle into your bathtub for a soothing spa-like experience
  • Combine a few drops of this sensual scent with a carrier oil and massage into your body to unwind after a long day
  • Hold the bottle to your nose and inhale the aroma to enliven courage and purpose
  • Enjoy as a key ingredient in YL’s Inspiration essential oil blend

^Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood is a trademark of Jawmin, LLC.

Image of YL’s Kona Sandalwood Reforestation Project.

How our Young Living Family use Sandalwood essential oil

We asked YL oil enthusiasts how they enjoy both Sacred Sandalwood and Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil. Here’s what they said:

I add a few drops into my face lotion together with Frankincense essential oil”

Breathing in the aroma before meditation helps me have a calming experience”

I like infusing a few drops into hair treatment masks along with Rosemary essential oil”

I add to my favourite facial serum to bring out my natural glow”

The woody yet sweet aroma makes it a great base ingredient for a homemade perfume roller”

How do you like to use Sandalwood essential oil? Write your comments or contact us at


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