Do essential oils stain?

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From aromatherapy to workout recovery, you can use essential oils in some pretty cool ways. Geranium revitalises your skin’s appearance, Lemon essential oil is perfect in DIY rubbish bin fresheners, Lavender oil promotes feelings of calm and relaxation, and our Plus range of essential oils can spice up your cooking. Pure essential oils are an important part of any routine, whether you’re talking skin care, cleaning, relaxation or overall wellness. To help ensure your day is free of oil-related mishaps, we’re answering your questions about whether essential oils stain clothes and other fabrics.

Q: Do essential oils stain?

A: Other than the exceptions listed below, pure essential oils do not stain. Because they are volatile, the oil evaporates without leaving grease stains on clothes or fabrics like you could get from a drop of carrier oil. Young Living’s pure essential oils don’t leave a greasy mark.

Q: Which essential oils stain?

A: Though pure essential oils don’t leave an oily spot, a handful of oils can leave stains due to the naturally occurring darker or yellowish colouring from the original botanicals. So be careful using these essential oils around your favourite white layering tee or Grandma’s heirloom linens.

Oils that stain due to a natural dark colour:

Oils that stain due to a natural yellow colour*:

*The yellowish colour fades, but you’ll still want to avoid using it around your whites.

Q: How can these essential oils stain?

A: Applying any of these oils directly on white fabric will leave a stain—which is okay if you’re trying a new tie-dye project. If tinting your t-shirt isn’t the plan, avoid doing the following with these oils:

  • Applying directly to the skin and then putting on clothes before the oil absorbs.
  • Adding to your laundry or washing.
  • Spilling on clothes or other fabrics.

Q: How can I use the darker-coloured oils?

A: While it’s true that these essential oils have potential to stain, their bottles are full of powerful benefits. If used with care, you—not your clothes—will be golden! Here are a few ways you can use darker-coloured oils:

  • Add a drop of Blue Tansy to your moisturiser to dilute its colour and help reduce the appearance of blemishes.
  • Diffuse Jasmine to fill your home with a rich, sultry aroma.
  • Combine German Chamomile with Young Living V-6® to enhance your massage.
  • Make a set of DIY bathtub crayons that double as soap.
  • FYI, these oils may stain your diffuser depending on the oil and the amount you use. Be sure to clean your diffuser after each use.

BTW, some of your favourite blends include darker oils that could stain, like Peace & Calming and Valor. Remember to read the labels before adding them to your laundry!



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