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Many of us started in oils in two ways: using single oils such as Lavender or Peppermint or going straight for a popular signature blend such as Young Living Stress Away®. These are the two perfect ways to start and gain some confidence and passion. If you’re anything like us however, your curiosity quickly starts to get the better of you, and you wonder what combining oils might be like. You start to think about making your own blends.

The great thing is, you can turn blending into an art form and the more creative among you will get carried away with your personal concoctions.

Here are our top tips for starting to create your own blends, and a reminder of our most popular blends.

Where to start with making your own essential oils blends?

We are often asked which essential oils blend well together.

Start with an oil that has an aroma you already love. Have you always appreciated the fine scent of Lavender? That’s where you begin. Use it as the framework for creating new combinations. Now to make a pairing.

You can start with tried and tested duos, such as these classic pairings:

And one suggestion from a Young Living member: Northern Lights Black Spruce and Bergamot essential oil

Tip 1:  Pair two oils from a group that appeals to you: woody scents, citruses or florals fragrances for example.

How many essential oils can you blend together?

The key here is not to waste oil on a messy merry-go-round of oily ambition. What you need to do is a smell test before combining. Pick some oils you think would be great together, remove the lids, hold them in one hand, and waft them under your nose to get a sense of what they smell like together.

Tip 2: To find the right balance, bring one oil closer to your nose and move others farther back. The one that’s closest will be the oil with the most drops in your diffuser blend. The ones farther away will require fewer drops in the mix.

If you like the combination, get diffusing! If it’s not quite right, keep swopping oils in and out until you find the perfect blend.

Some essential oils have stronger scents than others; Basil, Black Pepper, Nutmeg and Cinnamon Bark have powerful aromas.

Tip 3: Keep scents like these from overpowering your blend by adding just a drop or two.

How much oil to use in your DIY Diffuser Blends.

Try to keep the total drops for your diffuser between 5-10 drops. The number of drops really depends on several factors, here are some:

  • If you have children or pets around, use fewer total drops
  • Strong essential oil, use fewer drops (for example: Patchouli, Vetiver and Ylang Ylang).
  • In a large room, use more drops
  • For a strong aroma to fill the area, use more drops
  • For a gentle aroma, use fewer drops

Tip 4: If everything sounds like hard work and you’re run ragged, simply turn to one of our top blends, roll on or diffuse, and let us improve the day for you. You’re welcome!

  • Young Living Purification® Oil—a lovely blend to apply on your skin. Mixes Citronella with Tea Tree, Lemongrass and more. A must-have for Indian Summer evenings.
  • Young Living R. C. Essential Oil —a powerful blend of Spruce, Cypress and three types of Eucalyptus. An energetic aroma, great to pep you up before a workout.
  • Joy Essential Oil—a luxuriously exotic blend with uplifting tones. This one can be worn as a perfume.
  • Valor Essential Oil —a truly unique blend, and a favourite of Young Living founder D. Gary Young. It gives a lovely woody, grounding aroma.
  • Young Living Stress Away® Essential Oil —lovely Lime and Vanilla combine here to diffuse on those busy days. You’ll find Lavender mixed in too.
  • Young Living Citrus Fresh® Essential Oil —an exclusive and popular blend, recommended for all ages. Great refreshing scent with a wow factor. Bring summer into the home all year ‘round.

We’d love to hear about your favourite blends and when you use them.

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