Back to School Essential Oils: 5 tips for the whole family

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For most children in Europe, schooling has been severely disrupted this year. Going back to school can come with stress and anxiety for the whole family, and this year the transition into a new routine may be doubly difficult as we cope with the impact of Covid-19. Of course, there’s excitement too, and hope for good grades and future opportunities. As we go through the next few weeks of change, here are our top tips for this term.

Master your Morning with MightyZyme

The long Summer days of lie-ins and late nights are now gone. There’s bound to be some tension around stricter bedtimes and morning alarms. Get the kids going with a healthy breakfast, which could include Gary’s True Grit Einkorn Granola, a yummy blend of naturally sourced oats, whole grains, nuts, berries and seeds. As you’d expect from a product bearing Gary’s name, this granola is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Children aged 3 to 6 years may benefit from one KidScents® MightyZyme three times a day. This food supplement is chewable and contains carrot root powder and a touch of peppermint. The mixed berry flavour means all the goodness slips down easily.

Tip 1—Don’t forget a first day picture for Facebook. The uniform will never look as pristine again!

If you’re driving the kids to school, consider using a USB diffuser, and have everyone enjoy our KidScents® GeneYus essential oil. This is an excellent blend to diffuse while children are concentrating on projects or schoolwork. It’s just one of many back-to-school essential oils.

Tip 2—Change the mood in the car with a karaoke singalong. Probably best before teenage years!

Ningxia Red: a Lunch with Love

Time for a much-needed break after lots of different mental challenges in the classroom. A brand new school setting might mean kids struggling to locate rooms, and getting lost and upset. All that expensive new kit (with nametags on!), also needs looking after. After all that, it’s time to refuel.

For the lunch box, drop in one of our new Wolfberry Crisp Bars from Gary’s True Grit collection. Drizzled in rich dark chocolate and flavoured with sweet coconut and wolfberries, these taste like a decadent treat but are packed with satisfying nutrition.

Or grab a pouch of NingXia Red® drink packed with great Wolfberry taste.

Tip 3—drop an encouraging note, poem or thought into their packed lunch to keep them going.

Afternoon Awesomeness

Schools out and there’s a plethora of extracurricular activities. And lots of homework to do this school year. Our Feather the Owl diffuser is so happy and cheerful and clever, and a few drops of Highest Potential essential oil will contribute to an atmosphere of studiousness.

Too many sweets may call for a gentle tummy rub with KidScents® TummyGize, a blend which can provide a calming and relaxing feeling.

Tip 4—If the kids are occupied—either in the garden or in the house—steal the time to get onto the  yoga mat for a short class. Many 15-20 minutes classes are free on Youtube.

At the end of the day

Ready, steady, bed. Routines can help to keep things calm in the house. A bath or massage with a few drops of sweet-smelling essential oils such as lavender could be just the thing. Or choose from   Owie essential oil or Relaxation massage oil. An evening ritual will prepare kids for what’s awaiting them the next morning.

Tip 5—if your child’s favourite soft toy needs a freshen up, try our unique Thieves® Laundry soap. It’s the gentle solution.








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