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On the Mediterranean coast of Morocco, thousands of little flowers are harvested to create one of our most rare and exotic essential oils. Also known as Moroccan Tansy, Blue Tansy essential oil’s rarity and complexity are part of its allure. Deep blue like the neighboring sea, this rich, sapphire colored oil has been beloved for hundreds of years for its sweet, gentle aroma and skin-loving benefits. Today it’s best known for its use in high-end skincare products.

Check out this infographic for more fun facts about this luxurious oil. Share it with a friend looking to explore the benefits of Blue Tansy or keep it as a handy guide for yourself!

Blue Tansy essential oil benefits

Floral yet herbaceous scent

What does Blue Tansy smell like? Classified as a floral oil, this azure oil boasts a complex aroma—a combination of sweet, fruity, floral and slightly herbaceous scents.

Bright blue hue

Is Blue Tansy essential oil safe to use topically? You bet! But remember, this oil’s natural bright blue colour can leave a bit of its hue behind. When in doubt, dilute. Always do a spot test before using Blue Tansy on skin, fabric, or other surfaces.

If you want to scent your linens with Blue Tansy oil, try this YL-tested DIY linen spray– we tried it on a white cloth to ensure it won’t stain!

Your skin’s best friend

Cleansing, moisturising, and soothing? Blue Tansy boasts it all! No wonder this cerulean superhero is a popular ingredient in high-end skincare and beauty products. Infuse your skin care routine with this royal blue oil and give your skin the royal treatment it deserves. In no time you’ll discover gorgeous, glowing and radiant-looking skin!

Using Blue Tansy essential oil

Deep blue and downright amazing, here are three reasons why you need Blue Tansy essential oil in your essential oil collection:

  1. Pamper parched skin. Add a drop or two to unscented lotion for extra hydration and a soft, floral aroma without the nasty ingredients found in commercial scents.
  2. Boost your beauty sleep. Take your night cream to the next level with a drop of Blue Tansy and wake up to luminous looking skin.
  3. Schedule a steamy face-off. Indulge in a DIY steam facial featuring the cleansing properties of Blue Tansy instead of German Chamomile. The steam helps open pores to battle the appearance of blemishes.

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