Start the year with a mindful beginning

It’s easy to follow the crowd once a new year rolls around, making lofty goals that will fade away after a couple of weeks—but you’re different. You go with your flow, mindfully making small adjustments that create lasting change that will leave you looking back with a grateful heart. Keep walking the walk with and showing others the [...]

DIY upcycled Mother’s Day flowers

Decrease your carbon footprint and help Mother Nature BLOOM! Spring is a time of rebirth, renewal and getting back to our roots. This Mother’s Day, thank Mother Nature for all that she does by reducing your waste and repurposing your BLOOM™ packaging! Follow the steps below – or watch the video – for a simple, [...]

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Green your routine with 10 Earth-conscious tips

Treat every day like Earth Day!   Since this planet is the only home we’ve got, it’s in each of our hands to honour it through the conscious daily choices we make. Whether you’re new to natural or the queen of green, Earth month is the perfect time to take stock of your routines and their impact on the planet.   Every little bit counts and when you consciously care for yourself, [...]

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4 ways to spring clean your routine

A season of rebirth, spring is all about change, energy and action! Your mind may be buzzing with all of the possibilities for the season ahead – friendship, sunshine, nature and more! But first, take stock of all the ways you want to breathe this freshness into your life.   Spring is a season of transformation and new life is everywhere – even in your state of mind. Check in on your day-to-day [...]

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DIY scented sachets: lovable scents for unlikely places

Create an essential oil-filled sachet to add the delicate scent of lavender in unexpected places. These pocket-sized pouches give a tiny dose of aroma­therapy and freshen up any unpleas­ant-smelling areas. #YLTip: Instead of buying new pouch­es, go green and use something you have lying around. Spoon the mixture into a cute sock that’s lost its [...]

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Find your merry (in the moment)

In this season of giving and gathering, take time to fill your days with joy and warmth – no matter how cold it gets outside! Keep true to the spirit of the holidays and remember to be present. There is no need to rush (everything will get done), so slow down and savour the small [...]

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