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In the Spotlight with Kathy Lau

Meet Kathy Lau. The Ontario native, now a Silver leading her team with unblinking passion for wellness, didn’t always have a nose for essential oils. After receiving a Starter Bundle for Christmas from her best friend in 2015, Kathy immediately stowed the oils away, unopened and untouched. At the time, she was expecting her third [...]

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She’s Essential

Young Living champions women by providing the opportunities, tools and confidence to build healthy, abundant futures! We believe an equal world is an empowered world. So today, we celebrate all the incredible women – the mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, coworkers – who play an extraordinary role in the lives of others by sharing safe, natural [...]

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In the Spotlight with Jilene Hay

A diet consisting largely of grilled cheese sandwiches and french fries, and a love of fragrances. If you have the pleasure of knowing or meeting with Jilene Hay, mom of four and Young Living Canadian Diamond leader, you’d know that her passion for a balanced life has brought her a long way from this lifestyle [...]

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