Start the year with a mindful beginning

It’s easy to follow the crowd once a new year rolls around, making lofty goals that will fade away after a couple of weeks—but you’re different. You go with your flow, mindfully making small adjustments that create lasting change that will leave you looking back with a grateful heart. Keep walking the walk with and showing others the [...]

5 Must-Haves for a Staycation Summer 

Summer is here and we’re all ready for a little adventure! Whether you’re planning your summer vacation or staycation, arm yourself with natural essentials to help you stay cool, calm and well.    We’ve gathered 5 of our favourite essentials and tips to inspire summertime bliss, wherever you go!  Brave the outdoors   What you need: [...]

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5 wellness hacks to empower your journey

This year, let’s skip the resolutions that leave us feeling disheartened and instead create lasting change through our daily choices.  Focus on the ways you want to feel better. Start where you are and take steps – big or small – each day in the right direction. With an attitude of gratitude and pure essentials on hand, [...]