6 life-balancing essentials for the modern woman

The roles of women and the hats they wear are continuously evolving and expanding. Today, the modern woman is balancing home, career, family life and all the small moments in between. With so many demands on her time, seeking balance and staying empowered physically, emotionally and spiritually helps her stay grounded and ready to handle [...]

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6 Self-Care Habits & Essentials You’ll Love

Self-care is not a luxury. It’s a necessity. If you’re on the beginning of your journey to intentional living, the first steps in that journey begin with self-care. While it may feel more natural to focus on taking care of others before taking care of yourself, your well-being and the attention you give yourself matters. [...]

A season of harvest, wellness and gratitude

Fall brings special moments to enjoy with family and friends, whether it’s roaming through a pumpkin patch, exploring the farmer’s market or jumping into piles of fallen leaves. Gather around the dinner table or share in the vibrancy of the season and celebrate our healthy roots. In the spirit of gratitude and tradition, find joy [...]

10 Reasons to Love the Raindrop Technique

When it comes to those never-ending task lists and ever-growing goals, living a balanced life can feel near-impossible. But taking time out of your day (even just a few minutes) to relax and refocus is a small step full of big benefits! Giving yourself the time to rejuvenate your mind and body allows you to better align your energies and intentions to remember who you are, where you are [...]

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All About NingXia Red

Touted for its delicious flavour and whole-body nutrient infusion, NingXia Red packs the power of wolfberry puree, essential oils and superfruit juices! This family-favourite beverage has commonly become an integral part of the daily wellness regimen, substituting the sugary drinks in the fridge with this naturally sweet and tangy blend of red goodness. Learn more [...]

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Finding Balance with 7 Fall Essentials

Warm sweaters. Crunchy leaves. Vivid colours. Our favourite season is in full swing and our calendars are packed with fun festivities to connect with loved ones and enjoy the vibrancy of the season. Whether it’s apple picking, baking pies, sitting by the fire, carving pumpkins or strolling outdoors, fall summons an array of warm scents [...]

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A Fresh Start with the Premium Starter Kit

There’s nothing more natural than wanting what’s best for you and your family. That’s why when it comes to living your healthiest life, having simple everyday choices that are 100 percent pure and natural becomes so important. Whether you’re looking for answers to health for your mind, body or spirit, the power of pure, unaltered [...]

3 Healthy Habits for Wellness in the New Year

Eat better, exercise more, stress less. These popular new year resolutions have undoubtedly topped your list at least once or twice. A fresh new year brings excitement and it’s hard to resist making plans for the opportunities that come along with a fresh start. Developing healthy habits is a great way to work towards your [...]