Start the year with a mindful beginning

It’s easy to follow the crowd once a new year rolls around, making lofty goals that will fade away after a couple of weeks—but you’re different. You go with your flow, mindfully making small adjustments that create lasting change that will leave you looking back with a grateful heart. Keep walking the walk with and showing others the [...]

All About NingXia Red

Touted for its delicious flavour and whole-body nutrient infusion, NingXia Red packs the power of wolfberry puree, essential oils and superfruit juices! This family-favourite beverage has commonly become an integral part of the daily wellness regimen, substituting the sugary drinks in the fridge with this naturally sweet and tangy blend of red goodness. Learn more [...]

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3 Healthy Habits for Wellness in the New Year

Eat better, exercise more, stress less. These popular new year resolutions have undoubtedly topped your list at least once or twice. A fresh new year brings excitement and it’s hard to resist making plans for the opportunities that come along with a fresh start. Developing healthy habits is a great way to work towards your [...]

  • new york style pizza recipe with einkorn

New York Style Einkorn Pizza Crust Recipe

Let's face it. There are nights where getting dinner on the table can seem like an impossible task! Nights where we want to indulge in fun (and sometimes unhealthy) dinner options to "treat" ourselves and our families after a long, busy, exhausting and challenging (did we say busy?) day! Eating healthier can be easier when we have one [...]

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