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ART® Skin Care System: Naturally refreshed, renewed, and radiant skin

“Wow, your skin looks amazing! What products do you use?”  Some might expect a long list of expensive skin care products, but you know better, because getting great skin doesn’t require an extensive routine—just Young Living’s ART® skin care line. Made with natural ingredients that gently cleanse the skin using premium essential oils, ART [...]

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How do I love me? 5 natural ways

We express love for others in our own unique way, and each have a unique way of loving ourselves too! Self-care is essential to self-love – it’s how we show up for ourselves, listen to our needs and honour them.  We’ve gathered some of our favourite ways to squash stress, inspire happiness and improve whole-life wellness. Try these self-care [...]

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5 wellness hacks to empower your journey

This year, let’s skip the resolutions that leave us feeling disheartened and instead create lasting change through our daily choices.  Focus on the ways you want to feel better. Start where you are and take steps – big or small – each day in the right direction. With an attitude of gratitude and pure essentials on hand, [...]