She’s Essential

Young Living champions women by providing the opportunities, tools and confidence to build healthy, abundant futures! We believe an equal world is an empowered world. So today, we celebrate all the incredible women – the mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, coworkers – who play an extraordinary role in the lives of others by sharing safe, natural [...]

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How to Use Pet-Friendly Essential Oils

Pet lovers rejoice – Animal Scents™ have arrived in Canada! Now you can share your love of essential oils with your beloved furry family members. Animal Scents products were formulated specifically for animals, so you can count on them being effective and safe for your pet. But before you start using essential oils for pets, [...]

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Wellness to Believe In: 6 seasonal DIYs to share

Much more than bright lights and beautiful gifts, the holidays are a time when belief breathes new life into the season, and hearts beat full of cheer. When an energy of hope sets hearts aglow with small acts of goodness and love. Together in laughter and joy, fill each day with giving, not only gifts, [...]

How to Make 25 DIY Cleaners with One Bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner

Whether you know it, use it and love it—or this is the first time you’ve heard of it—your cleaning is about to be transformed by the strength and versatility of the all-purpose Thieves Household Cleaner.    This ultra-concentrated, plant-based powerhouse is a reliable chore champion that truly lives up to its ‘all-purpose’ claims. Wood, granite, glass, [...]

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Is it Safe to Ingest Essential Oils?

It’s a common question and one you’ve probably asked yourself: Are essential oils are safe to ingest? And if so, which essential oils are safe to ingest? The internet will provide several thousand, often conflicting answers to these questions. There is nothing more important than your health, which makes it critical to find information that [...]

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Let’s Get Serious About Recycling

We talk about the impacts of waste now more than ever. We know the importance of the 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. And you do your part: your bills are paperless, your water bottles reusable and your drink cans are crushed. You’ve even found dozens of creative ways to reuse empty essential oil bottles! Yet [...]

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