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The best essential oils for stress-filled days

Who doesn’t need a little stress relief these days? If you’re feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, practicing self-care with calming essential oils can help. Certain essential oils act as nervines and calmatives, which are known to promote relaxation. This post will help you understand all you need to know to use essential oils for [...]

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7 things your winter wellness kit needs

Winter is a wonderful time of year with stunning snowy landscapes, fun holiday festivities, and delicious hot drinks to enjoy. But along with the good comes some not-so-good things: shorter days, harsh weather, and sniffles. Start preparing your winter wellness kit now, so you can put your best, healthiest self forward this season. Here are [...]

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5 Work-from-Home Essentials

How to stay focused working from home with essential oils. While some have returned to the office or have taken a hybrid approach to working remotely, many of us are still working from home! Remote work can throw off our usual routines, as the boundaries of home and work become increasingly blurred. Find balance in [...]

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6 summer hacks to bring wellness on-the-go

Savour the last moments of your Canadian summer – however you choose to spend it! Make it simple to stay well, on-the-go with Natural Health Products (NHPs) that keep cough and cold symptoms at bay, skin hydrated and balanced, energy levels high and much more!   Discover 6 summer wellness hacks for optimal mental and [...]

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