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5 Work-from-Home Essentials

How to stay focused working from home with essential oils. While some have returned to the office or have taken a hybrid approach to working remotely, many of us are still working from home! Remote work can throw off our usual routines, as the boundaries of home and work become increasingly blurred. Find balance in [...]

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6 summer hacks to bring wellness on-the-go

Savour the last moments of your Canadian summer – however you choose to spend it! Make it simple to stay well, on-the-go with Natural Health Products (NHPs) that keep cough and cold symptoms at bay, skin hydrated and balanced, energy levels high and much more!   Discover 6 summer wellness hacks for optimal mental and [...]

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5 Must-Haves for a Staycation Summer 

Summer is here and we’re all ready for a little adventure! Whether you’re planning your summer vacation or staycation, arm yourself with natural essentials to help you stay cool, calm and well.    We’ve gathered 5 of our favourite essentials and tips to inspire summertime bliss, wherever you go!  Brave the outdoors   What you need: [...]

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Go with the glow: Brighten your skin with this 3-step regimen 

When it comes to skin care goals, your list probably looks something like this:  My skin appears even and youthful.  I look like I’m wearing highlighter even when I’m not.  My face seems to glow from within.   It’s easy to envision that dewy complexion we are all searching for—the trouble is narrowing down exactly how to achieve [...]

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DIY upcycled Mother’s Day flowers

Decrease your carbon footprint and help Mother Nature BLOOM! Spring is a time of rebirth, renewal and getting back to our roots. This Mother’s Day, thank Mother Nature for all that she does by reducing your waste and repurposing your BLOOM™ packaging! Follow the steps below – or watch the video – for a simple, [...]

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Spring Renewal: 6 Daily Essentials

In Canada, spring is a season of joy and patience as we get a glimpse of the warmer, brighter days ahead, while still warring with the last whispers of winter. Get ready for springtime by refreshing old routines that awaken your world from a winter slumber.  Your body knows what it needs to support you [...]

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