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The Legend of Thieves

Our proprietary Thieves® blend is a modern-day must-have with a fabled past. Let’s explore the legend of this beloved botanical blend and why it remains a cough- and cold-fighting favourite today! Where it all began… Four 15th century French thieves formulated and wore a special blend of vinegar, clove, rosemary and other botanicals that they [...]

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DIY Scented Sachets: Lovable scents for unlikely places

Create an essential oil-filled sachet to add the delicate scent of lavender in unexpected places. These pocket-sized pouches give a tiny dose of aroma­therapy and freshen up any unpleas­ant-smelling areas. #YLTip: Instead of buying new pouch­es, go green and use something you have lying around. Spoon the mixture into a cute sock that’s lost its [...]

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5 wellness hacks to empower your journey

This year, let’s skip the resolutions that leave us feeling disheartened and instead create lasting change through our daily choices.  Focus on the ways you want to feel better. Start where you are and take steps – big or small – each day in the right direction. With an attitude of gratitude and pure essentials on hand, [...]

Give the gift of Thieves®: 6 ways to spice up holiday season

Make the season extra merry and bright with Thieves®! We’ve handpicked some unique Thieves® products that will leave your friends and family feeling festive. From dish soap to detergent, wrap up your holiday shopping with six different ways to give the gift of Thieves®! Old Faithful When stockings are hung by the chimney with care, [...]

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Find your merry (in the moment)

In this season of giving and gathering, take time to fill your days with joy and warmth – no matter how cold it gets outside! Keep true to the spirit of the holidays and remember to be present. There is no need to rush (everything will get done), so slow down and savour the small [...]

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Fall into Winter with 5 Wellness Hacks

Before the holiday hustle begins to bustle, take a time out and use the power of presence to nourish and ground yourself for the season ahead. Whether you carve out time for movement, rest or simply breathe a little deeper as you move through the day, dedicate this month to fall into winter in wellness. [...]

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Love on your locks: Get extra moisture with DIY leave-in conditioner

From loose waves to tightly coiled locks, your mom was right – naturally curly hair is a gorgeous gift! Instead of wishing away your wild mane with heat and harsh chemicals, make it the envy of everyone you meet with a moisture-adding regimen. Whether you’re letting your locks flow or styling with braids, twists and [...]

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