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  • Best Essential Oils To Add To Your First Aid Kit | Young Living Blog

9 essential oils for your all-natural first-aid kit

Before rubbery band-aids and grape-flavoured cough syrup, our ancestors relied on the simplicity of Mother Nature for healing. Many of our modern medicines were derived from properties and plants found in nature, so it only makes sense to incorporate essential oils—the highly concentrated essences of these powerful plants—into your first-aid kit! Add these first-response [...]

2022-09-29T11:23:36-07:00September 29th, 2022|Natural Health Products|0 Comments
  • All About Gary’s Light Essential Oil Blend | Young Living Blog

Gary’s Light essential oil blend—formulated for the body, mind and soul

Need a moment to connect with the great outdoors but don’t have time? Reach for Gary’s Light™. Our late founder’s love for the natural world’s stunning sky, incredible plants and majestic animals is what inspired this unique essential oil blend. Gary Young spent much of his life outdoors, and the wisdom he learned from [...]

2022-08-04T13:53:16-07:00August 4th, 2022|Young Living|0 Comments
  • Get The Most From Your Skincare Routine w/ ART® | Young Living Canada Blog

ART® Skin Care System: Naturally refreshed, renewed, and radiant skin

“Wow, your skin looks amazing! What products do you use?”  Some might expect a long list of expensive skin care products, but you know better, because getting great skin doesn’t require an extensive routine—just Young Living’s ART® skin care line. Made with natural ingredients that gently cleanse the skin using premium essential oils, ART [...]

2022-07-27T09:21:25-07:00July 22nd, 2022|Skin Care|0 Comments