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In this week’s blog, we’ll be focusing on the gentlemen – it is June, the month in which Father’s Day falls for many countries after all. Whether you’re reading this in the hopes of indulging the special man in your life with a bountiful bundle of essential oils, or you’re in search of masculine blends and oil-infused products that are specifically catered to men for yourself, this is the place to be for all information on Young Living’s most manly creations!

The One to Use After Exercise – Cool Azul Sports Gel

As it is formulated with an unprecedented 10ml of pure essential oils in every 100ml tube, Cool Azul Sports Gel acts as a fantastic introduction for men to the world of Young Living and our invigorating aromas. Thanks to its leading ingredient, Aloe Vera, this gel is also highly hydrating and softening for skin, while oils including Peppermint, Camphor and Dorado Azul ensure it is cooling when applied topically following an intense workout.

With its ability to be simply applied and conveniently stored, Cool Azul Sports Gel is a perfect choice for men to use before or after physical activity. Simply shake and massage into the desired area.

Cool Azul Sports Gel

The One to Replace Your Cologne – Patchouli, Cedarwood, Northern Lights Black Spruce and Idaho Grand Fir Essential Oils

One of the greatest things about our oils at Young Living is how well they work both independently and when blended together. Few things are as personal as a signature scent, so when creating your own masculine aroma, we recommend trying out a variety of concoctions until you reach a combination that’s perfect for you!

Musky Patchouli, smoky Cedarwood and comforting oils such as Northern Lights Black Spruce and Idaho Grand Fir offer up a magically masculine scent – simply dilute with a drop of your chosen carrier oil, add to your wrists and neck and wait for everyone you pass to start asking where you got your enticing ‘cologne’ from!

Patchouli, Cedarwood and Northern Lights Black Spruce Essential Oils

The One to Ensure You Enjoy a Smooth Shave – Shutran® Shave Cream

Featuring a variety of pure essential oils and moisturising botanicals, Young Living’s Shutran® Shave Cream is the ultimate product to invest in when you’re in search of an incredibly close, smooth shave. Thanks to its combination of hydrating grapeseed oil and mango and cocoa butters, with just a small amount this luxurious shave cream provides a frictionless glide, helping to reduce razor burn and nicks, and keeping your skin feeling silky soft while smelling fantastic.

To use, dampen the area with warm water before applying a small amount of Shutran® Shave Cream in a thin layer to the face. Shave with the grain, rinse the blade often and soothe the area afterwards with cool water.

Shutran® Shave Cream

The One to Help You Unwind in the Evening – Mister Essential Oil

Specially created for men, our Mister essential oil blend offers a unique, decadent, and smoky infusion. Powerful, refreshing, sensual and mysterious, this oil acts as the perfect introduction for men to the world of Young Living, whether you choose to gift it to someone special or opt to treat yourself. Bursting with rich Sage, herbaceous Fennel, and soothing Lavender essential oils, Mister promises a spirited and spicy aroma.

For best results, dilute with a carrier oil of your choice and apply to your pulse points or behind the ears to enjoy the cool, calm and collected scent. One additional way to help unwind with this fantastic oil is by adding a few drops into a spray bottle filled with water – simply spritz on your linen for a deeply relaxing and enticing pillow mist before bedtime.

Mister Essential Oil

Which masculine essential oils are you hoping to add to your collection? Write your comments below or contact us at

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