Terms and Conditions for Enrollment

Brand Partner Agreement

The application made by a person and accepted by Young Living for such person to become a Brand Partner.

Policies and Procedures

The purposes of these Policies and Procedures are to set standards of acceptable business behavior expected of you; to define your relationship with Young Living, your Retail Customers and other Brand Partner; and to assist you in building and protecting your business with Young Living.

Privacy Policy

Young Living will, in accordance with the requirements in the PDPO and the Privacy Policy Statement, collect, use, transfer and retain (i) your personal data provided to Young Living upon your applying to become a Brand Partner and thereafter from time to time under the Agreement; and (ii) any other personal data (including your personal data and other third parties’ personal data) that you may develop as a result of your activities as a Member.

Compensation Plan

The Compensation Plan pays compensation based on different ranks and the criteria set forth in that plan. Each month you may qualify for payment according to the rank in which you qualify. Brand Partner are recognized in various ways and at various times as they achieve certain ranks.

Consent on the use of Personal Data for Direct Marketing

Terms of the Consent on the use and transfer of Personal Data in Direct Marketing.