Sucess Story

Our members love Young Living's lifestyle and are dedicated to share the products to every family. Can you feel their passion?

Joanne Kan & Eric Yang, Royal Crown Diamond

Love it and share it! Joanne and Eric were recognized as Royal Crown Diamond in 2015 Jun, and they were the first in Hong Kong! What are the successful tips?

“In Young Living, I have learnt that you can do the same thing using different methods and still achieve the same goal. To let your team success, you have to provide with them what they need, but not what you think they need. If you want organization grow, the most important thing is to grow yourself first! Someone once told me “Your organization can only be as big as you.”

Gretchen King-Ann, Royal Crown Diamond

Gretchen is always a typical character of happiness – having well-developed career, husband who loved her and adorable daughter. As a wife and a mom, family is always the first! Gretchen used her first bottle of Young Living essential oil was solely eager for providing a better lifestyle with natural health for her family!

Gretchen is very amiable and simple. That was why she chose Young Living which was introduced by her best friend even though she had no ideas about essential oil. This simple decision led her go into an amazing journey with Young Living.

Vivian Wan & Alan Chik, Royal Crown Diamond

Most people in Young Living knows “famous” Vivian Wan because of her amazing achievement! She achieved the rank of Royal Crown Diamond within 21 months since joining Young Living as a new member! She is also the youngest Asian Royal Crown Diamond leader! Before joining Young Living, Vivian had a well-developed career as a Director of Digital Marketing. Aside from being a busy executive, she is also a mother. Vivian was first interested in Young Living essential oils because she wanted to enhance the health of her young son. But it did not take long for Vivian, with a marketing career background, to spot the business opportunity that Young Living offers – which has now changed the life of her family.

Fiona Lui, Crown Diamond

Before involving in the Young Living community, Fiona could always be spotted at two places – at home or at her daughters’ school where Fiona was heavily involved in the Parent Teacher Association Taking care of the family left her no excess time for herself.

Fiona has always been looking for healthy options for her family and her daughters. When her neighbor, Angela Wong, introduced Young Living to her, she purchased her first Premium Starter Kit with no hesitation because she agrees with Young Living’s belief.

Korbut Wong, Crown Diamond

Korbut’s team has grown to over ten thousand members over the past two years since Korbut joined Young Living in 2015. Her team consist of elites of various industries.

“Many of my teammates are very outstanding and even doing a better job than I do. Some are from Hong Kong and some are from other countries around the world, but we have the same vision – to build our future in Young Living with Young Living. I had never thought about building my own international business until I met Young Living!" Korbut said. With the opportunity to build in international markets, Korbut has team members in Taiwan, Australia and around the world. Korbut has traveled to the United States, Australia, France, Ecuador, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Hawaii and many places with Young Living. These trips not only brought her unforgettable memories but also valuable experiences and inspiration.