2014 Diamond for a Day Wrap-up

After intense competition and tremendous growth, our Diamond for a Day promotion has come to a close! Our members experienced renewed dedication and exceptional personal growth throughout the promotion, all while further proving that the power of pure essential oils can benefit anyone. We are grateful to everyone who participated and made these promotions such a tremendous success!

We are excited to announce the winners of this exceptional promotion. See the list below to see who won big!

Diamond for a Day
Rank Star and Senior Star
1. Wan, Ting
2. Healthy Living How to
3. Christenson, Kelsey
4. Jones, Sarah
Rank Executive
1. Juna Poh Siok, Chun
2. Yang, Kenney
3. Siew Yin, Shi
4. William and/or Joann Cook
Rank Silver
1. Linda Siok Lin, Poh
2. King, Gretchen
3. Garrett, Shellie
4. Chan, Michelle Serina
Rank Gold
1. Homemade Mommy
2. Yang I Fung
3. Everyone's Eden LLC
4. Gianelloni, Jessica
Rank Platinum
1. Koehler, Melissa
2. Kan, Joanne
3. Critz, Courtney
4. Beals, Hannah E