Global Leadership Team

Eddie Silcock

Sr. Vice President, Global Sales

Eddie is a seasoned direct-sales executive, working with Avon Products Limited for more than two decades in Europe and North America. In his previous positions, he consistently helped his market meet revenue goals while reducing costs, created and initiated strategies that increased sales, reversed negative revenue trends, and better supported independent distributors.

Eddie is known for his open, fun, and energetic style. He has the ability to create an environment that focuses on personal and team accountability to inspire success. His attitude empowers sales professionals to successfully embrace key initiatives.

When he is not working, Eddie enjoys connecting with family and friends. He is always willing to try new things that support his values and lifestyle, and he loves sharing his passion for health and wellness with others. Eddie’s favourite oil is Peace & Calming®, which he uses as part of his night time routine.

Lauren Walker

Sr. Vice President, Global Operations

Lauren came to Young Living with more than 25 years of experience in project management, manufacturing, and supply chain. She has worked for a number of high-profile international companies in the consumer packaged goods industry, where she pioneered innovative supply and production strategies in roles from engineer to vice president of manufacturing.

Lauren brings with her an exceptional level of experience and passion to her new position, in which she will oversee our entire global supply chain and ensure that it runs smoothly from start to finish. Her impressive work in globally aligned systems will help Young Living implement operations across all markets, with the goal of ensuring a constant supply of high quality products for our members.

In addition to her extensive experience, Lauren serves on several boards of directors, has been a keynote speaker for the American Manufacturing Strategies Summit and Front End Innovations Conference, is a Lean Six Sigma Project Champion, and is Green Belt certified. Lauren holds a degree in engineering from Union College in New York.

Lauren and her husband, Todd, were very excited to move to Utah because of its natural beauty and outdoor adventure. She has two adult children who have both followed in her footsteps to pursue careers in engineering.

Alene Frandsen

Vice President, Publications and Document Review

As Vice President of the Publications and Document Review department, Alene oversees, revises, edits, and gives final approval of company publications and documents.

She has more than 20 years of experience working in business and has been with Young Living for more than a decade. She also has 25 years of business teaching experience at the college and university level, including 7 years of teaching management communications for the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University.

Alene has loved working closely with Mary and Gary Young on many projects, including their books D. Gary Young: The World Leader in Essential Oils, Ancient Einkorn: Today’s Staff of Life, and The One Gift.

Alene loves spending time with her eight young grandchildren and enjoys working in her vegetable garden, freezing and bottling the produce, reading, and teaching. Her favorite Young Living products include Life 5™, Boswellia Wrinkle Cream™, Genesis™ Hand & Body Lotion, Cool Azul Sports Gel, and all of the Thieves® products.

Joey Nanto

Vice President, Europe

Joey is responsible for sales, development, and operations in the United Kingdom. In his four years with Young Living, he took the lead on opening Canada, as well as supported his team’s market openings in Hong Kong, Malaysia, the UK, Sweden, and Germany. He was the general manager of Canada for its first year after opening and led it to 100 percent growth during that time.

Joey has more than 13 years of experience in international business in the network-marketing industry, specializing in strategic planning, new market development, product marketing, and operations management. As a certified project manager, he also managed projects for IT start-ups and a Fortune 100 company.

Joey earned a BSBA in marketing from the University of Colorado and enjoys hiking and spending time with his wife and five children. His loves adding Peppermint Vitality™ to water and using Peppermint essential oil topically and aromatically when enjoying the outdoors.

Simiane-la-Rotonde Farm Simiane, France

Aaron Raymond

Vice President, Information Technology

As Vice President of Information Technology, Aaron ensures that Young Living has the technological advantage necessary to support the company’s growth and success. In his role, Aaron oversees IT engineering and development, IT operations, IT business intelligence, and Young Living’s other IT-related teams. Under his leadership, the company has improved the user experience with newer technologies and updated the IT infrastructure.

Prior to joining Young Living in 2013, Aaron worked with top-tier companies overseeing technology, web analytics, online marketing, and digital strategy. His experience includes consulting work with Havas Worldwide, McCann Erikson, and IT initiatives for Adobe,, Coca-Cola, and Barclays Bank.

Aaron enjoys spending time with his family, following NBA basketball (particularly the Utah Jazz), and staying active through skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, and running. He loves using a blend of Lemon, Lime, and Peppermint in the office and in meetings to create a stimulating atmosphere.

Salalah Farm Salalah, Oman

Lyndi N Smith

Vice President, Global Marketing

Lyndi joined Young Living in 2001 as a customer service representative and quickly rose through the ranks to manage the call center. After nine years in the call center, she followed her passion and joined the marketing team. In 2015 she was named Vice President of Global Marketing. In this role, she oversees Young Living’s global brand efforts and provides direction and strategy to Product Marketing, Media Productions, Events, Content Marketing Communications, Creative Services, and Member Services.

Lyndi’s greatest passion is creating, and she feels most engaged when she is developing a strategy or on the set of a photo shoot. She has transitioned to a role where she delegates more projects, and her proudest accomplishment is seeing her team’s creations come to life.

Lyndi enjoys the outdoors, hiking, four-wheeling, traveling, photography, and spending time with her daughter. She loves the scent and taste of Peppermint, making Peppermint essential oil and Peppermint Vitality™ her favorite Young Living products.

Ben Riley

Vice President, North America

As Vice President of North America, Ben Riley works to ensure the success of our field leaders in the U.S. and Canada. His role includes developing and integrating sales strategies, overseeing field leadership support, geographically expanding Young Living, and eliminating barriers as leaders build successful businesses. He has been with Young Living since June 2016, when he stepped in as Sr. Director of Global Sales and has been making a great impact ever since.

Ben comes to Young Living with over 15 years of experience in network marketing and fast-moving consumer goods. He earned an MBA from Duke University, and his previous positions include VP of Leadership at Cloudberry Nutritionals and VP of Sales at Avon in Australia and New Zealand. Ben spent over 10 years building businesses internationally. He speaks fluent Korean and intermediate Mandarin. Ben’s beginnings in the business world started in 1998, when he worked in a Young Living warehouse while attending college. For him, working as part of the Young Living family once again means that he has come full circle.

Ben has two children, a boy and a girl, and enjoys spending time with them—especially hiking and camping. His personal interests include golf, road and mountain cycling, reading, and traveling. Ben’s favorite Young Living products are Cedarwood, Tangerine, and Lavender essential oils, which he blends together to craft his signature beard oil.

Lee Bowen

Vice President of Finance

Lee Bowen came to Young Living with over 16 years of financial analysis and leadership experience, beginning in 2014 as Director of Finance and then Sr. Director of Finance. As Vice President of Finance, Lee oversees financial planning and analysis, fraud management, as well as the treasury, banking, and risk management. His analysis of financial trends and optimization of operational processes will help ensure that Young Living’s future is steady and bright.

Lee earned an MBA and MSIM from Arizona State University and a BS in accounting from Brigham Young University. His previous experience includes an expatriate assignment in Panama as Regional Director of Finance at HILTI and Director of Financial Planning and Analysis for Nature’s Sunshine, where he was the owner of the financial plan for an annual net revenue of approximately $390 million.

Lee has been married to his wife, Tricia, for 18 years, and they have four children—three boys and one girl. He enjoys watching his children’s sports competitions in baseball and tumbling, playing golf, and BYU athletic events.

Gabriel Sanchez

General Manager, Latin America

Gabriel Sanchez was born in southern Mexico, where he lived throughout college and law school. He came to the United States in 2001 to further his legal education and went on to practice international law for 12 years. Gabriel joined Young Living in 2015 and has been a great contributor to the company’s Latin America and new market expansion. He is passionate about the unique opportunity to support Young Living’s continuing growth abroad. Gabriel has worked with international markets for more than a decade and provides vast experience in the international field.

Young Living’s commitment to the world to provide a life full of abundance and wellness is Gabriel’s main objective as he participates directly in the strategic growth of the company. He finds great satisfaction in helping others grow and realize their goals in planning a global prominence for Young Living.

Gabriel enjoys good food, meeting new people, traveling, watching soccer, and spending time with his family. Thieves® is Gabriel’s favorite oil, and he loves NingXia Red® and Wolfberry Crisp™ bars.

Kristen Tod

General Manager, Australia

Kristen has more than 18 years of experience in the direct sales industry, both as a distributor and a successful corporate business development and sales leader. She has been with Young Living since 2014 and has directed the company’s growth and transition to a new headquarters in Sydney. She leads with her passion to help others build their own businesses and achieve their goals.

People are drawn to Kristen’s charismatic approach and are empowered by her hands-on mentoring and management. Under her leadership, Young Living has risen to become the largest network marketing company in Australia.

Kristen enjoys spending time with her husband and her son. She is also a passionate jewellery designer in her spare time, purchasing many pieces at auctions and redesigning them. For years, even before she joined the Young Living team, Kristen has been using Young Living’s Lavender essential oil to unwind before bed.

Tyler Williams

Country Manager, Greater China

Tyler has been with Young Living since 2009, and he currently manages operations for the Greater China regions, including customer service, logistics and supply chain, and sales and marketing. With more than 13 years of experience in the network marketing industry and a strong background in international development, Tyler was instrumental in opening and growing new markets in the region. He has expanded sales in the region, rapidly making it one of the top three markets for Young Living.

In addition to his industry experience, he has an extensive background in international business, particularly Asian operations management, product development and marketing, sales, strategic planning, and implementation.

Tyler and his wife have two daughters, and he loves to spend time with them. He also enjoys basketball, wakeboarding, hiking, and rock climbing. He supplements his healthy lifestyle with Thieves® Vitality™.

Yu Ohki

Country Manager, Japan

As a native of Japan, Yu brings a global perspective to any role, which has made him a valuable asset to many companies with an international focus. Yu joined the Young Living team in 2014, and prior to his role as Country Manager of Japan, he held the titles of Director of Online Marketing and Director of Global Sales and Business Innovation. In these roles, Yu’s work focused on enabling and incentivising members to help them build their best businesses.

Yu’s previous work within the direct sales world has included not only responsibilities as a manager but as a distributor as well. With this real-world experience, Yu retains a hands-on approach and down-to-earth attitude to offer empowering solutions to members and executives.

Some of Yu’s favourite Young Living products include Peppermint essential oil and any citrus oil—especially Citrus Fresh™ and Lemon. He also likes to use Deep Relief™ and Frankincense for their grounding aromas, which allow him to reset and recharge.

Karen Cornejo

Country Manager, Singapore

As Singapore’s country manager, Karen leads initiatives to encourage growth, increase revenue, and expand the member base in the area. She also oversees recruiting, overall performance, and talent development for the region. She plays a critical role in Young Living’s growth in South East Asia.

Karen first became involved with Young Living in 2011, when she started as the sales and marketing director of South East Asia. Since taking on this role, she has been a source of innovation and creativity that fosters success in the region.

Karen loves yoga and feels she can’t go a day without it. She’s taken her passion even further by becoming a certified yoga teacher, and she loves teaching Young Living-infused yoga whenever she has the opportunity. Her favourite oil is Young Living’s Idaho Blue Spruce, which she uses to meditate, focus inward, and create a calming environment.

Nancy Yoshiwara

Acting Country Manager, Ecuador

Prior to working for Young Living, Nancy gained professional experience in marketing, portfolio management, and quality assurance. She brought her knowledge and skills from these positions to Young Living when she started as the Marketing and Sales Manager of Peru in 2012. As she excelled in this role, Nancy gained experience developing business strategies, planning promotions, and creating marketing initiatives in the area.

In her current role as Ecuador’s acting Country Manager, Nancy focuses on increasing sales in the area and improving supply chain and customer service processes while she sets market goals, oversees product imports, and prepares annual budgets. With her previous experience in marketing, Nancy also helps guide the Marketing and Sales department as they set incentives and goals.

Nancy can’t imagine starting her day without a shot of NingXia Red® to kick-start her morning. She also loves the versatility of Peppermint oil and always carries a bottle in her bag.