Royal Crown Diamond

Vijay and Ulrike Churfuerst Hanzal


After a friend, Dr. Prakama Hauser, MD, shared her experience with Young Living products in 2001, Vijay and Ulrike explored Young Living’s essential oils for themselves and fell in love with them. Though Young Living wasn’t yet in Europe, they became passionate about bringing the products there. This decision was the beginning of a new life for the pair.

Vijay and Ulli have been an instrumental part of Young Living’s growth in Europe, supporting Young Living with translations, customer testimonials, and doing anything else they could to support the market. At the same time, they built their own Young Living business.

“We have learned that we are able to inspire people,” they say. “This is easy because we are 100 percent convinced about the Young Living products and the direct-selling method.”

Anita & Barbara Ochsenhofer

Anita Ochsenhofer

I graduated from the Academy of Commerce and worked in Human Resources for an industrial company. After that I worked for a private bank in asset management. But in 2012, I felt the need to make a change. So in 2014, after another two years of apprenticeship, I got a diploma as a state-certified massage therapist. In January 2015, I took over my mother´s business and since January 2018, me and my mother have worked together on our Young Living business. I love to share our combined extensive knowledge about the products and wellness in general. We understand Young Living products as a means of helpful daily support for health, beauty and wellness.
Barbara Ochsenhofer
As a nature-loving, trained retail saleswoman and hobby seamstress, I was looking for a new work challenge. In March 2006, I discovered Young Living—products of the highest quality and purity. In the beginning, it was D. Gary Young’s vision to bring essential oils into every home in the world that inspired me so much and I enthusiastically started building my business. This led to me becoming Europe’s first ever Diamond after three years of continuous work. One and a half years later, I became Europe’s first Crown Diamond—back then, it was the highest rank you could reach. Almost 15 years later and I am still full of enthusiasm and love to inspire people and support them on their way to financial freedom and new goals in life.