Global Recognition

Diamond Leaders

Our Diamond leaders comprise Young Living’s three most elite ranks—Diamond, Crown Diamond, and Royal Crown Diamond. It has been said that diamonds are made under pressure. Becoming a Young Living Diamond leader isn’t a simple journey, and our Diamonds reach their level of success by facing unique leadership challenges time and again, proving their rare ability to become greater than they were before—greater leaders, greater educators, greater philanthropists, and greater examples to their teams. Our Diamond leaders shine brightly as examples of service and total dedication to improving lives through the benefits of Young Living.

REACH Recognition Program

We’re highlighting hard work and dedication with our REACH recognition program! As we strive to reach 5 million more households in the next five years as part of our ambitious 5×5 Pledge, we want to recognize the contributions of our members. Because of your efforts, we’re able to share Young Living across the globe. With REACH, we’re showcasing members of all ranks who are making the biggest impact. Be part of this exclusive group by being one of the top enrolling members from your region each month!

Rank Advancement Incentive

Celebrating your achievements at European Convention is one of our favourite things to do!

We want to empower you to reach your goals and get your moment in the spotlight — especially exciting given that this year’s European Recognition Ceremony will take place during our new format black-tie Gala Dinner!