Of all the different ways essential oils can be enjoyed, diffusers are by far the one of the simplest.

Diffusers disperse essential oils into the air and deliver a fine mist of aromatherapy into your space. Diffusing essential oils offers a myriad of benefits when you breathe in the scent, such as freshening the air, promoting feelings of calm and relaxation, and completely transforming the ambiance of any room.

Harness the powers of essential oils no matter where you are! From modern features to elegant designs, explore this roundup of our favourite diffusers for every room in your home.

Bedroom: Aria™ Ultrasonic Diffuser

This beautiful diffuser comes with relaxing LED lights and built-in speakers so that you can play soothing sounds and create a relaxing atmosphere before bed. Plus, its remote makes it easy to control the diffuser settings from bed, and the automatic shut-off feature means you can rest without worry!

Diffuse Lavender and Cedarwood for a dreamy aroma to unwind.


Living Room: Rainstone™ Diffuser

 The Rainstone Diffuser combines state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology and traditional Chinese craftsmanship. Its intricate, handmade design is the perfect décor addition to any living room.

 Put 3-4 drops of AcceptanceTM in this diffuser during your next movie night or game night to enhance feelings of togetherness.


Dining Room: Lucia Artisan Diffuser

Add a diffuser to the space where family and friends gather the most. The beautiful Lucia diffuser is handmade by master glassblowers and makes the perfect addition with its soft white tones and fluid, natural shape.

Put 3-4 drops of Valor™ in this diffuser while entertaining to create an uplifting atmosphere.


Kitchen: Haven Ceramic Diffuser

This petite diffuser will add a chic touch without taking up too much space! With up to four hours of constant diffusion and a chip- and stain-resistant porcelain ceramic  material, the Haven Diffuser is perfect for keeping the heart of your home smelling clean and fresh.

 Diffuse 2 drops of Citrus Fresh™ to dispel odours after a night of cooking.


Bathrooms: Sweet Aroma Diffuser

Between powder rooms and master ensuites, this no-fuss diffuser comes with two diffusion modes that last up to eight hours to freshen up your space. Ten lighting options will match the colours of any bathroom décor and elevate spa-vibes. Its wicker pattern cover is a durable and stylish option for smaller sink tops.

Diffuse 2 drops of Lemon and Pine in this diffuser to purify the air and freshen up your bathroom.


Home Office: Lantern Diffuser

Boost your mood while you work! The Lantern Diffuser comes with 11 LED colour light options and a candle-flicker mode. Its metal and glass details adds a stylish accent to your desk décor.

Simply diffuse 2-3 drops of En-R-Gee™ while working to stay productive, or add Stress AwayTM to stay grounded and relaxed.


Kids Playroom: Feather the Owl™ Diffuser

This kid-friendly and oh-so-cute ultrasonic diffuser works as a humidifier, night-light, diffuser and white noise machine all in one!

Diffuse the rejuvenating aroma of KidScents™ Refresh™ to inspire fun and creativity while they play.


Home Gym: Ember Diffuser

Whether you need to feel calm and grounded or pumped up and motivated, essential oils can create an atmosphere for your next workout. The sleek look of the Ember Diffuser suits all styles, and it has a coverage area of up to 375 square feet, making it perfect for your home gym!

Diffuse Frankincense during yoga or meditation to enhance your ground your breathwork or add drops of invigorating Peppermint and Orange for a boost of motivation.


Which diffuser is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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