Chocolate may be tradition but this Valentine’s Day, why not swap for something even sweeter? Wintertime inspires us to turn inward, evaluate our habits and focus on feeling our very best. So, give your wellness-conscious loved ones what they really want – thoughtful gifts that show you care and support their wellness goals with your whole heart.  

 Wellness is the sweetest gift you can give! After all, when you nourish your relationship with your body, all other relationships reap the benefits!  

We’ve gathered our Valentine’s Day favourites that promise to make the wellness lovers in your life swoon! 

Gifts for Him 


An empowering essential oil blend and natural cologne.

Why he’ll love it: Who doesn’t love a confidence boost? Shutran was formulated to boost feelings of masculinity and confidence, with an aroma beloved by men and women alike!


Ortho Ease® Massage Oil

A calming massage oil blend.

Why he’ll love it: Elevate your massage skills to next-level relaxation with Ortho Ease! This cooling massage oil blend of Wintergreen, Peppermint, Juniper and Marjoram will soothe and refresh sore muscles.


#YLTip: Create a custom massage blend using V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex infused with a couple drops of your favourite essential oils.


Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream

A plant-based formula that relieves muscle and joint aches.

Why he’ll love it: Support his workout resolutions, naturally! Cool Azul provides pain relief with the cooling and soothing power of Wintergreen and Cool Azul essential oil blends.


Idaho Blue Spruce

A YL-exclusive essential oil with a grounding evergreen aroma.

Why he’ll love it: A go-to essential to spruce up his personal care routine or infuse some forest-freshness in his home!


#YLTip: Mix 1 drop of Ylang Ylang and 4 drops of Idaho Blue Spruce for a grounding and empowering natural cologne.



A warm, woodsy essential oil with a myriad of benefits!

Why he’ll love it: The perfect addition to his hair and beard care routine! Cedarwood is a must-have that will have you
asking, “what can’t it do?”. To name a few benefits, Cedarwood can tackle acne, soothe skin irritations, ease cough & cold symptoms, reduce joint & muscle pain and enhance relaxation.


Gifts for Her

Ylang Ylang

A floral essential oil with a romance-inspiring aroma.

Why she’ll love it: Treat her to this spa day in a bottle! Ylang Ylang oil is often found in luxury personal care products
because of its swoon-worthy aroma and moisturizing properties.


#YLTip: Bring the spa home and blend Ylang Ylang with your favourite unscented body lotion for a long-lasting and
attracting aroma.


Progessence Phyto Plus

A unique blend of wild yam extract, vitex oil, Frankincense, Bergamot and Peppermint essential oils.

Why she’ll love it: Help her find balance, naturally! Quench dryness and pamper her skin with this specially formulated beauty serum.


Mirah Shave Oil

A rich blend of essential oils, emollients and botanicals for a friction-free shave.

Why she’ll love it: Say goodbye to nicks and razor rash! Mirah Shave Oil hydrates his skin and hair for a luxuriously close shave. Use with or without water!


Tranquil Roll-On

A comforting essential in a convenient roll-on.

Why she’ll love it: The name says it all! A relaxing blend of Lavender, Cedarwood and Roman Chamomile to
roll-on some calm, wherever she goes!


#YLTip: Diffuse some love into the air!

  • 2 drops Idaho Blue Spruce
  • 2 drops Cedarwood
  • 2 drops Ylang Ylang


Coconut Lime Replenishing Body Butter

An indulgent and exotic body butter.

Why she’ll love it: Give her rich hydration and a dreamy tropical scent! Coconut-Lime Replenishing Body Butter is filled with skin-loving ingredients and leaves skin soft, smooth and never greasy.


What are your favourite Valentine’s Day traditions? Share in the comments!

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