Whether the man in your life lives to conquer the golf course, traverse mountain peaks, dive deep into a good book or make balloon animals with the kids, this DIY men’s cologne will help capture the very best version of them!

Making cologne from essential oils doesn’t require an ancient discovery or a complicated heist. All you need is your favourite manly oils and a few basic supplies!

Before you get started, let’s talk about the notes that make up a cologne.

Top notes

Usually the first scents you smell, top notes quickly evaporate as they make initial impressions.

Examples: Lime, Bergamot, Juniper

Middle notes

Middle notes tend to be mellow and create the core of the scent.

Examples: Valor™, Pine, Cypress, Stress Away™

Base notes

Base notes ground and complement the other notes – these are the scents that linger at the end of the day.

Examples: Cedarwood, Sacred Sandalwood™, Patchouli


What you needroller replacementv6 carrier oil


  • Add 30-45 drops of essential oil to an empty 5 ml bottle.
  • Once you’re satisfied with the scent of your blend, top up the bottle with carrier oil.
  • Insert the roller fitment and seal shut.
  • Add a custom label, if you choose.
  • Apply DIY cologne to neck and wrists.


Scents to Try

We have the DIY signature scents for every type of man in your life!


On the High Seasbergamot essential oil

For a deep and spicy scent, this rich combination adds just enough mystery.


Cabin Vibes cypress essential oil

Channel the great outdoors with this woodsy blend.


The Globetrottersacred sandalwood essential oil

A spicy clean with just a hint of sweet—perfect for international operations of all kinds!


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What are your favourite essential oil blends for men? Share in the comments below!


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