April Workshop Calendar


Apr 22, 2021 (Thur)

Conduct Success Workshop Series [MODULE 4] : LEAD (Cantonese)
Speaker: Charlotte Szeto, Senior Compliance Officer
This workshop is mainly about sharing the ideas you should pay attention to when you act as a leader and promote your Young Living downline team's continuous development in compliance with the regulations.
Password: 306855

Apr 29, 2021 (Thur)

Discovery of YL supplements: Body Cleansing (Cantonese)
Speaker: Santina Wong, Product Marketing Manager
It is well known that the serious environmental pollution in Hong Kong is a significant source of body toxin in addition to metabolic waste produced by our bodies. When continuous exposure overloads our natural detoxification system, it leads to a build-up in our bodies causing suboptimal health. Therefore, we need to cleanse our bodies regularly to ensure our organs function normally and healthy. In this workshop, we will explain how our natural detoxification system works, and introduce you how to improve our health by following the “cleansing plan” with the support of Essentialzymes-4 and Slique products. Don't miss it!
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