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JotForm - Online Forms

JotForm has a simple and neat interface that allows our brand partners to fill in required information for our Customer Service team's faster handling in a more convenient way, as well as saving time in calling or emailing our Customer Service team. You're welcome to utilize them as much as possible!

To use account credits for Essential Rewards Orders in a more convenient way, please fill the form below now:

a. Using Account Credits for Essential Reward Orders

Items found missing or damaged upon receiving the parcel? We are sorry, please fill the form below now and we are keen to assist you:

b. Claim Form for Missing/Damaged Items in Delivery Orders

New Brand Partners who would like to subscribe to Essential Rewards Program but placed Quick Order instead? No worries, please fill the form below now:

c. Conversion Application Form for Quick Order to Essential Rewards Order (*Applicable to new brand partners only)

To apply account reactivation application in one go, please fill in the form below:

d. Account Reactivation Application