Direct deposit Application Guidance Notes


To apply Commission Direct Deposit, please submit the following documents via email, or in-person at the YLHK Experience Centre.


What is required for the direct deposit application?

1. Direct Deposit Form

2. Copy of bank statement or bank book (should clearly shows the name of bank, name of bank account holder and account number)

3. Copy of Hong Kong ID


Application of Commission Direct Deposit will be handled on a monthly basis. Application with full documents received on or before the cut-off date 23rd of each month will be considered as the current-month application. Any applications received after 23rd of each month will be considered as application in the following month.


*  Direct Deposit applies to future commission earned when the direct deposit application is completed. All released commission credits in the YL account could be used for purchases but they are not transferable.

** Commission under HKD 200 (after adjustment) will be issued into member account as product credits only.


Please read the sample carefully before completing the direct deposit form: