Joanne Kan

Royal Crown Diamond Leader

Success Motto︰Be the change you want to see in the world

Since Joanne was 20 years old, she has been searching a product that can help her with emotion and spiritual health. Therefore, she continually searched and tried different brands. Until she met Young Living in 2011, she realized this was the one she was looking for!
Joanne was simply attracted by the natural products from Young Living, starting from the hand soap and toothpaste. Joanne never imagined just “changing a brand” would bring her and her family incredible changes.

During the Croatia Farm Grand Opening event in March 2015, Joanne heard Mary Young (CEO of Young Living) said on stage, “Money in good people’s hands do good things”. “Yes, those at Young Living are all good people. Even if they started off not good, after using our products, they will become good people!” Joanne is still excited after so many years. Since then, Joanne started sharing the comprehensive compensation plan of Young Living and the mission of “make money to do good things”.

Love it and share it! Joanne was recognized as Royal Crown Diamond in June 2015, and she was the first in Hong Kong! What are the successful tips? “At Young Living, I have learnt that you can do the same thing using different methods and still achieve the same goal. To let your team succeed, you have to provide with them what they need, but not what you think they need. If you want your organization to grow, the most important thing is to grow yourself first! Someone once told me 'Your organization can only be as big as you' so the journey of being a Young Living leader is the journey of constant self-improvement and development.” No wonder Joanne is loved by everyone in the team, they are all proud of being in a group full of love! Joanne always thinks of the team and practice what they preach.

Joanne said the most beneficial thing on the road of Young Living is self-development. “Opportunity to grow on edification, health, outlook on life and interpersonal skills. Although it is a big challenge to work with different people in these years, seeing people around me gaining good life by Young Living is very rewarding to me.”

Who do you want to appreciate for your Young Living business? Joanne thanked her enroller, Crown Diamond in Singapore – Patricia Gwee, Royal Crown Diamond – Frances Fuller, who guided her when she first started; and also Platinum – Michelle Chan and Royal Crown Diamond – Gretchen King-Ann in her team who motivated product education to let all members enjoy using Young Living products. And Royal Crown Diamond – Vivian Wan, who brought Young Living's good compensation plan to homes of different walks of life.

Joanne pins her hope on bringing essential oils to every home, to let people benefit from all high quality natural products.
Last but not least, Joanne feels very blessed to have Young Living in her life, and is very grateful to the founder – Dr. Gary Young. She hopes everyone can eliminate their skepticism and broaden their horizons.