Elite Express

1. Does Elite Express replace the Young Living recognition program?
No. We’ve designed the Elite Express (EE) program to offer additional incentives to elite performers, and it is totally voluntary. Participation is not expected or required of members building an organization. Any member who achieves these advanced ranks outside of the qualifying timeframes of EE will still be congratulated and recognized as before; the only difference is they will not receive the additional rewards offered as part of the EE program.
2. If I don’t participate in Elite Express, is there any penalty?
No. Participation in Elite Express is an added incentive and is not required to benefit from the full potential of the Young Living Compensation Plan.
3. When does my qualification period start?
The qualification period(s) begin the month following the first time achievement of any prequalifying rank for the given reward tier. For example, the Executive in 3 (Ei3) qualification period begins the month following the first time a member reaches Star. The Silver in 6 (Si6) qualification period begins the month following the first time a member reaches Executive, etc.
4. Who can participate in the program?
The Elite Express program offers added incentives to members who rank from Star all the way through Platinum. Any member who is currently ranked Silver or below from the launch of the program on March 1, 2016, has the opportunity to win an award at one or more of the available reward levels: Ei3, Si6, Gi6, Pi5. For example, any current Silver-ranking members will still have the opportunity to win the Pi5 award once they achieve the prequalifying rank of Gold for the first time.
5. When do I receive my award for qualification?
Rewards for each level of Elite Express will be sent approximately 60 days from the date the reward qualification is confirmed. Confirmation will occur around the 20th of the month following qualification.
6. Do I have to maintain my prequalifying rank during the qualification period like the previous Si6 program?
Yes. To qualify for the reward at each achievement level of Elite Express, participating members must maintain their prequalifying rank. For example, first time Silver achievers must maintain the rank of Silver all six months of the Gi6 qualification period.
7. What if I fall below my prequalifying rank for only one month of the qualification period?
Prequalifying ranks at each reward level must be maintained each month of the qualification period. If the participating member falls below the prequalification rank any given month of the qualification period, that member will no longer be eligible for the reward at that specific reward track of Elite Express. However, the member may still be eligible for other reward tracks. For example, if a member misses qualification for Si6, that member will still be eligible to participate for Gi6 and Pi5.
8. Will I be taxed on the rewards?
No. Young Living Hong Kong members will not be taxed if they received any “prizes” or “rewards” (except for the “income”) in accordance of the Hong Kong Tax Regulations.
9. What if I already rank as a Gold or higher?
As a Gold or higher for more than five months, you are not eligible to participate personally in Elite Express; however, promoting this program in your team can have a very positive impact on the growth of your team and the future success of your organization.
10. I am grandfathered into the previous Si6 program. Will I get both the previous Si6 reward AND the Elite Express Si6 rewards?
No. Those who are grandfathered into the previous Si6 program will ONLY get the reward in previous Si6 program, which is the Premier Aroma collection; however, they could potentially receive a second Premier Aroma Collection if they qualify for Pi5 in Elite Express Program.
11. Are the prizes the same for all global markets?
Merchandise prizes will be the same in all markets; however, some product rewards will be unique depending on the market. All unique product rewards will have a comparable value.