Local Delivery Service Policy

Have your favorite products delivered right to your doorstep! Our local delivery service saves your time and allows you to enjoy hassle-free ordering via Virtual Office. To ensure the ordered items are delivered to you efficiently, our local delivery service policy is here for you to follow.

1. Order Placement

1.1 Order Placement Method
You can order Young Living products online anytime and anywhere by logging into Virtual Office.
Be sure to provide correct mobile phone number and delivery address when you place an order. Double check the Order Review Page before you click “Place Order”.
1.2 Valid Shipping Address Reminder
To ensure your orders are successfully delivered to your door, please be reminded to provide a valid*shipping address as default in account before placing the orders.
The processed order will be cancelled if a member’s shipping address is not valid. This may also affect their commission, the accumulation of Essential Rewards points and qualification of the loyalty gifts.
Also, if you are placing Essential Rewards orders, and the current processing date is set between 25-31 of each month, we strongly recommend you to change the processing date to an earlier date, to ensure that your orders are processed during the month.
*A valid address should include flat and floor numbers, name of the building, building number, name of the street, name of the village, town or districts and territories (e.g. Hong Kong, Kowloon or New Territories).
1. Please update and select the correct shipping address if you would like to place an ER order.
2. Please check your account if you have the updated address in both Main Account Address and Default Shipping Address column.
3. Please update your address book so that you can select your shipping address easily.
1.3 Changes or Cancellation Policy
Absolutely NO changes or cancellation of order is allowed after “Place Order” is pressed, including the revision of ordered items, ordered quantity, shipping address, recipient’s name and phone number. Please ensure your order is final before clicking the "Place Order" button and/or manage your ER template before your scheduled processing date.
1.4 Order Processing Date
The cut-off time for order placement is 5 pm Monday through Friday. Order placed after 5 pm will be processed on the following business day.

2. Delivery Service

2.1 Delivery Days & Time
Successful paid order will be delivered to you within 2 to 5 business days depending on districts. 2-3 more business days will be required in Macau & remote areas in Hong Kong.
Delivery will be arranged between 9:00am and 6:00pm from Monday to Saturday (except for Public holidays).
Special delivery arrangements in view of recent epidemic development
2.2 Delivery Notification
Our logistics provider will send a SMS and an email notification to recipient according to the given phone number and email address provided from the order. You will receive a call 30 minutes prior to the actual delivery. Due to number of factors including validity of phone number and email address, cellular service provider, condition of the recipient’s device, etc. There is no guarantee you will receive such notification.
In order to maintain efficiency of delivery services, you are not allowed to select delivery date and time. If you are not available for the period provided, you can contact our logistics vendor for rescheduling,
Hong Kong Orders
Please contact our logistics vendor (V-Logic Limited) at +852 3102-3599 or Whatsapp +852 9163-2869.

Macau Orders
Please contact our logistics vendor (Jet Global Logistics Limited) at +853 2871-1285 or +853 6683-3865
You can always track your parcel via our logistics vendor website https://portal.vlogic.net/yl/track/
2.3 Delivery Failure (max. 1 attempts)
Our logistics vendor will send you a SMS and an email to inform you of goods delivery failure. Upon 1 failed attempt, your parcel will be returned to the warehouse. Should you want to re-schedule your order, please contact our logistics vendor below,
Hong Kong Orders
Please contact our logistics vendor (V-Logic Limited) at +852 3102-3599 or Whatsapp +852 9163-2869.
Macau Orders
Please contact our logistics vendor (Jet Global Logistics Limited) at +853 2871-1285 or +853 6683-3865
If delivery cannot be made upon 14 days from order placement, your order will be cancelled and a handling fee of HK$120 will be charged on your account automatically. For Essential Rewards Order, an additional restocking fee of 25% of total invoice price will apply if Essential Rewards template is sent and shipped due to failure to update your Essential Rewards order in a timely manner. Young Living will not be responsible for any loss of commissions or ER points due to unsuccessful deliveries.
2.4 Eligible Locations
Our local delivery service is for Hong Kong members only. We do not support delivery to Mainland China, Macau and other international locations. Please contact InternationalSupport@youngliving.com to find out how to ship to your location.
For locations without elevator, delivery service will be provided to the 1st - 3rd floors only. Eligible locations are subjected to the final decision by the logistics vendor. Members would be contacted by the logistics vendor when there are challenges in accessing the delivery location.

3. Local Delivery Fee 


4. From Purchase to Delivery

For any enquiries about delivery arrangement, please contact:
Hong Kong Orders — V-Logic Limited
+852 3102-3599
Or Whatsapp +852 9163-2869
Macau Orders — Jet Global Logistics Limited
+853 2871-1285
You can always track your parcel via our logistics vendor website https://portal.v-logic.net/yl/track/.
Should any dispute arise, the decision of Young Living Hong Kong shall be final.
Place your order online now! Login into Virtual Office, select Shipping under Shipping Method and enjoy our local delivery service!