Reminder After Receipt of Shipment

To provide service for our members with higher quality and efficiency, we have upgraded the handling procedure for items of delivery orders, which will reduce processing time from 15 days to a week! Details are as follow:

Reminder after receipt of shipment:

1. Please confirm the member number on delivery note and order delivery label are the same.

2. Please check if the number on bottom right corner of order delivery label and the total quantity of received items are the same.

3. To ensure the well-being of the products, brown filling paper (as shown in the photo) is used for filling the space of carton for protection. Please ensure that all products are received for the paper and the carton box are being discarded.

4. If you found any item(s) that is/are missing or damaged after checking, please fill in the Claim Form for Missing/Damaged Items in Delivery Order in 5business days upon receipt of shipment.