Live Your Passion Rally

What is a Live Your Passion Rally?

The Live Your Passion Rally events allow thousands of Young Living members and potential members to come together in cities all over the world for a day focused on training, empowerment, and momentum. Live Your Passion Rally events can be in any format, including but not limited to workshops, booths, seminars etc.

Why should I attend this meeting?

Not only will you participate in a global event with other Young Living members and leaders, but you will also be able to make new connections and friendships, strategize with your team and others, receive training, and take the time to collaborate with your teams and other members.

How do I register to attend an event?

Click here for more details on how to register, where other events are being held, and more details and tools.

When should the meetings be held?

There are no time restrictions for this meeting. Any time—morning, afternoon, or evening—on the day of the event will work. We encourage members to hold the event at the time that works best for their team.

Who can host a Live Your Passion Rally event?

All Young Living members are eligible and encouraged to host their own Live Your Passion Rally event! If you are new to Young Living or have never hosted an event before, we encourage you to work with an experienced member for your first time or find a mentor to help you launch your first meeting.

What are the expectations if I host a meeting?

Meeting length: The host can share the videos and materials shared by Young Living. The host may want to take advantage of the time the group has together and spend it setting goals, sharing best practices, focusing on training, or participating in other business-related activities. The average meeting time is about two hours, but it’s ultimately up to the host.
What is expected: The event can be in an elaborate or simple location—anywhere that works for your group. Regardless of the venue, here are some items you can include at your event to excite your audience:
Recognize the achievements of those in attendance.
Provide music to create an exciting atmosphere and during introductions.
Share success stories and testimonials about the business and the products.
Create a theme to make things fun or to set the stage for theme-centered team goals in the next quarter.
Offer ice-breaker topics, round-table discussions, team-building exercises, or other ways to help members interact.
Have a giveaway with your favorite products.
Bring supplies and do a DIY project with your team. Find some great DIY projects on the Young Living Blog!

What do I need to do to host an event, and what can I expect as a host?

There are no requirements for you to host a Live Your Passion Rally event other than registering your event and reporting registration lists. This ensures that all attendees can participate in Live Your Passion Rally-specific promotions.
To host a Live Your Passion Rally, please do the following:
Submit your request on or before July 23 (Tuesday) using this link. We will send you a confirmation email that we received your request.
As the event date gets closer, we will connect with you via email. Please add HKevents@youngliving.com to your email contacts to ensure that you receive our communications. Also check out the Live Your Passion Rally landing page for promotional materials that you can share on social media and downloadable event banners that you can print.

Should members join forces with other members to make their meeting more impactful?

Yes! Partnering with other members in the area is a great way to make meetings more impactful. Combining the experience and success of multiple teams in a local market creates a powerful energy. There's strength in numbers, and the more people who come together to learn and take action, the better! Whenever possible, we strongly recommend collaborating with other members of the Young Living tribe!

Should member hosts invite prospective members?

Definitely! While this meeting is intended for those already part of Young Living, there's plenty of great content for someone who is considering joining a team. This meeting is a great opportunity for people to learn about the Young Living culture, products, and business opportunity.
If member hosts plan to hold a formal opportunity meeting for their contacts, they should make sure to take a break between meetings to sample products.

Will any members of the corporate team be in attendance?

Corporate representatives will be attending selected events through Hong Kong on that day.

What should the format of a Live Your Passion Rally meeting be?

Members should use the sample meeting agenda as a guideline for the meeting. Content that is not provided by Young Living should be filled in by the host according to what he or she feels would best benefit the members in attendance. The host can choose the activities he or she thinks would supplement the meeting, but some ideas include strategizing, goal-setting, skill development training, or developing product knowledge.

How much will this meeting cost?

This meeting shouldn't cost members very much if they search for inexpensive meeting options. Host members should look for low-cost meeting areas or free spaces where they can hold their meeting. If the group is small enough, hosting the event in a member’s home would be fine as well. Again, partnering with other members in the area can also help reduce costs.

How much should host members charge their guests?

If there is a need to charge a fee for the meeting to offset venue costs, let Young Living know during registration. Members should select a fee amount that will help them pay for the costs to rent a meeting space. This is intended to offset costs and not intended for profit.

How many people should host members invite to their event?

Host members should start inviting people now and invite as many as they want. Hosts can determine the number of people to invite based on their vision for the event and the venue capacity. The group could be as small as 4–5 people or as large as 2,000! Members should use Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites to promote their event and track the number of registrants, using the hashtag #YLUnites. Google Form and Eventbrite are also great options. Young Living will promote the registered events that are open to members in the event’s area.