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Gary’s Light essential oil blend—formulated for the body, mind and soul

Need a moment to connect with the great outdoors but don’t have time? Reach for Gary’s Light™. Our late founder’s love for the natural world’s stunning sky, incredible plants and majestic animals is what inspired this unique essential oil blend. Gary Young spent much of his life outdoors, and the wisdom he learned from [...]

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St. Maries Lavender Farm and Distillery: The farm that started it all

The road to St. Maries Young Living Founder D. Gary Young’s (1949–2018) ambitious spirit and passion for discovery and wellness took him to the distant corners of the world. The knowledge and determination he brought back from his travels inspired him to establish his first lavender farm, the St. Maries Lavender Farm and Distillery [...]

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Living the natural life

A great way to celebrate International Essential Oils Day (IEOD) is to understand the steps we take to live naturally. If you’re wondering how natural your lifestyle is, take our quiz below! Another way to go natural is to swap out traditional household products with essential oil-infused ones. On IEOD, take time to [...]

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A Growing World: Explore our global farms

We have a passion for our planet and strive to set the standard for sustainable planting, growing, harvesting and distilling of essential oils. Our farms bring life to our mission of sharing pure, potent essential oils with the world.   We’ve travelled the globe and hand-selected each farm to ensure our products are sourced and produced [...]

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