“Wow, your skin looks amazing! What products do you use?”

 Some might expect a long list of expensive skin care products, but you know better, because getting great skin doesn’t require an extensive routine—just Young Living’s ART® skin care line. Made with natural ingredients that gently cleanse the skin using premium essential oils, ART brings out your inner glow without compromising your standards (or your bank account). Try these three simple steps and become the poster child for radiant skin.

Art Gentle Cleanser

Step 1: ART Gentle Cleanser 

Like putting paint on a dirty car, adding makeup to skin that hasn’t gotten a good scrub only adds to the grime. Get it all off without damaging your delicate skin with our ART Gentle Cleanser. Featuring skin-loving essential oils such as Frankincense, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Melissa, Lemon, and Lavender, this cleanser will create a refreshing base to build on.

To begin, wet your hands and add a few pumps of ART Gentle Cleanser to your palms. Gently massage it over your face and neck in circular motions, then rinse with warm water. Gently pat dry with a soft, clean towel. For best results, complete this step both morning and night. 

What does ART Gentle Cleanser do?

 Gently cleanses the skin without irritating

  • Does not strip the skin of natural oils
  • Effectively removes dirt, oil, makeup, and pollutants that can cause signs of aging
  • Leaves your skin feeling refreshed, radiant, and healthy

Step 2: ART Refreshing Toner 

Now that we’ve got a clean slate to work on, it’s time to use ART Refreshing Toner. Infused with premium essential oils, green tea, and aloe vera extracts, this toner soothes the skin, provides a refreshing boost of moisture, and is suitable for all skin types.

Simply saturate a cotton pad with the toner and sweep it across your face and neck. Repeat both morning and night for consistent results. 

What does ART Refreshing Toner do?

  • Wipes away any remaining residue after cleansing
  • Preps the skin for moisturizer
  • Hydrates for healthier-looking skin
  • Removes excess oil and refines pores without stripping the skin
  • Helps balances your skin’s pH with a perfect blend of premium essential oils

Step 3: ART Light Moisturizer

Getting that no-makeup dewy glow comes down to proper hydration. Achieve soft, supple skin with the third step in the system: ART Light Moisturizer.

Apply the moisturizer to a clean, dry face and neck using an upward, outward motion. Use morning and night and throughout the day as needed. 

What does ART Light Moisturizer do? 

 Helps restore the skin’s natural moisture balance

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Provides all-day moisture
  • Utilizes squalane from olives to prevent drying and help protect from environmental aggressors
  • Helps your skin retain and maintain proper hydration throughout the day or night
art light moisturizer

Glow the extra mile

Want to add even more love to your skin care regimen? Add ART Renewal Serum to your routine! You can add this serum after your toner or in place of toner if you prefer to keep things simple. After washing your face with ART Gentle Cleanser, apply the serum to your face and allow it time to absorb. Follow up with ART Light Moisturizer or ART Intensive Moisturizer.

What does ART Renewal Serum do?  

  • Deeply hydrates skin
  • Helps soften and smooth skin
  • Promotes naturally radiant skin and a youthful appearance

Additional ways to promote healthy skin

 In addition to using our ART Skin Care System, here are some bonus tips to help you maintain healthy, radiant skin: 

  • Exfoliate regularly: Removing dead skin cells lets bright, healthy skin shine through
  • Wear sunscreen: Daily use of sunscreen protects your delicate skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • Be consistent with your skin care: Make your skin care a ritual you practice every morning and night
  • Hydrate daily: Never skip moisturizer, even if you have oily skin
Girl with clear skin

Looking for more ways to elevate your skin care routine? Go with the glow by trying our BLOOM skin care line, or learn about the best essential oils to add to your face lotion.

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