What’s the secret to a fresh, glowing skin? While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer (everyone’s skin is unique), we’ve got helpful tips to help you get a gorgeous glow no matter what your skin type!

Check out our top 7 glow-inducing essential oils to add to your skin care routine —plus, eight honourable mentions!

Create a consistent skin care routine

The key to beautiful skin is consistency in your skin care routine! Start and end each day by cleansing and moisturizing your face. Learn more about creating a flawless skin care routine in 3 steps.

A couple times each week, be sure to exfoliate your skin as well! Exfoliation removes the layer of dead skin cells that lives on the surface, uncovering the fresh skin that lies beneath and allowing moisture to penetrate more deeply into the skin.

#YLTip: Need some help finding the right cleanser and moisturizer for you? Try the ART Skin Care System, a 3-step system designed to gently cleanse, tone and moisturize to bring out the natural beauty within!


Customize your skin care routine

Whether you have dry, oily, mature or combination skin, create a custom formula by simply adding 10-15 drops of essential oil for every 60 ml of face lotion.


Match essential oils to your skin type

  • For dry skin: Avoid thick, heavy lotions that don’t absorb well. Choose a formula that hydrates and is light enough to be massaged into the skin to relieve dryness. 
  • For mature skin: Over time, your skin changes and requires more moisture than before. Look for essential oils that hydrate and boost the appearance of youthful-looking skin.
  • For combination skin: Not too oily, not too dry? Target oily spots and moisturize dry patches by using specific essential oils to tackle each of these areas.



Glow up with 7 essential oils for your face lotion

Harness the benefits of these essential oils to take your skin care routine to the next level! Mix and match to create the best combination for your skin type. Let’s get glowing!

1. Carrot Seed

Carrot Seed essential oil is an acne-fighter, but this earthy essential also enhances your complexion by hydrating and relieving irritation (including symptoms of eczema and dermatitis).

Skin Type: Dry, oily, mature and combination skin.

Benefits: Cleanses, moisturizes and revitalizes skin.

#YLTip: Tackle imperfections by mixing 1 drop of Carrot Seed with a carrier oil of your choice and applying as a spot treatment.


2. Cedarwood

Let Cedarwood essential oil soothe your skin when acne arises or use as part of your daily skin care routine to support healthy, youthful looking skin – and enjoy its captivating, woodsy aroma!

Skin Type: Dry, oily and combination skin.

Benefits: Cleanses, moisturizes and soothes skin.


3. Copaiba

Give your skin a pick-me-up with Copaiba essential oil! Use Copaiba to reduce the appearance of imperfections and promote a youthful, radiant glow.

Skin Type: Dry, oily, mature and combination skin.

Benefits: Moisturizes and supports radiant-looking skin.


4. Helichrysum

Blossom in confidence at any age with Helichrysum essential oil! Helichrysum effectively tackles acne breakouts and soothes symptoms of eczema and dermatitis. Add this rich, floral oil to your skin con.

Skin Type: Dry, oily, mature and combination skin.

Benefits: Smooths, refreshes and cleanses skin.

#YLTip: Add a couple drops of Helichrysum to your facial wash to double up on its benefits.


5. Lavender

Lavender essential oil is calming to mind and body – and that includes your skin! Use as part of your skin care routine in the morning or evening to start and end the day on a calm note.

Skin Type: Dry, mature and combination skin.

Benefits: Cleanses and boosts the appearance of fresh, youthful-looking skin.


6. Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood

Radiate outwards with Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood essential oil! In addition to its rich, warm and exotic aroma, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood moisturizes and promotes smooth, healthy-looking skin.

Skin Type: Dry and mature skin.

Benefits: Illuminates and enhances healthy-looking skin.

#YLTip: Add an illuminating toner to your skin care routine. Fill a 20 ml spray bottle with witch hazel, add 5 drops of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood oil, shake and spray!


7. Sacred Frankincense

An ancient essential, beloved for its skin-beautifying benefits! Inspire tranquility in your nighttime skin care routine and relieve irritation by adding a few drops of Sacred Frankincense essential oil.

Skin Type: Dry, mature and combination skin. 

Benefits: Evens and highlights your complexion.


Honourable mentions

The following essential oils have too many skin-beautifying benefits to leave off the list entirely!

Add any of these glow-getting essentials to your skin care routine:

Keep these essentials on hand for those cold, extra-dry winter months or anytime you need a boost of hydration:


What are your favourite DIY tips to get your glow on? Share in the comments!


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