Authentically Canadian. Universally loved.

Breathe deep. Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil is a mix of crisp uplifting scents and woodsy comfort to calm your mind and inspire deep meditation. This beloved Canadian oil reflects the character of the trees from which it is derived, echoing their resilient, deeply rooted strength. Strength enhanced by the natural challenges of the environment, to grow ever taller and dignified, reaching upward to the energy of the dancing northern lights in the sky.

Tucked away in the isolated boreal forests of British Columbia, the Northern Lights Farm has been producing Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil since 2015. The farm was a labour of love for Canada’s Royal Crown Diamonds, Ben and Carol Howden and their family. They worked tirelessly, in frigid temperatures, alongside Young Living Founder D. Gary Young to give the world a source of black spruce essential oil that was untouched by synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. Cory Howden, now the Northern Lights Farm Manager, carries on that legacy.

The Northern Lights Farm is just one of Young Living’s 16 global farms, and numerous partner and Seed to Seal® certified farms, committed to the highest standard of purity and authenticity. Every winter, during Winter Harvest, members can experience YL’s unique Seed to Seal process first-hand, harvesting and distilling with deep gratitude for nature’s living energy!

As our uniquely home-grown oil, we’re sharing a few reasons why we love Northern Lights Black Spruce!

northern lights black spruce essential oil infographic

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