March Workshop Calendar

All workshops in March will be conducted online

5/3 (Thu)

Online Workshop: Mask Makeup & Skin Care tips (Cantonese)
Speaker: Santina Wong, Product Marketing Manager
Recently, everyone is going out with face mask which makes our skin become oily easily. What should we do to make a long-lasting makeup under the face mask? In this online workshop, we are going to share with you the makeup and skincare tips with the use of Savvy Minerals products and Young Living’s personal care products, giving you a refreshing appearance even have your half face covered!

12/3 (Thu)

Online Workshop: Compensation Plan Update - Silver Bound Bonus Introduction (Cantonese)
Speaker: Farrah Wong, Sales Support Executive
Under the rapid growth of the global essential oil market, would you rather be an essential oil user, or be a business builder in this industry? Young Living’s industry-leading compensation plan can motivate and help you build your dream. We will help you better understand how to begin and develop your business with Young Living. This training session covers Silver Bound Bonus which dedicated to help motivate beginning members to advance with their Young Living business and reward those business builders as they grow.

19/3 (Thu)

Online Workshop: Personal Hygiene & Protection (Cantonese)
Speaker: Santina Wong, Product Marketing Manager
To safeguard your family’s health, the first thing you need to do is heighten natural defense. In this online workshop, we will introduce cleaning and personal care products from Thieves collection, and supplements that help support healthy immunity, providing you both internal and external protection.

26/3 (Thu)

Online Workshop: Member Basic Conduct (Cantonese)
Speaker: Charlotte Szeto, Senior Compliance Officer
Young Living's Policies and Procedures is to assist members in developing a long-term and stable Young Living business and maintaining market fairness and integrity.
We will be sharing the information that members need to pay attention to when buiklding their business!