Dim Sum Chan


Success Motto︰Dedication is a growing seed, it will turn to your shelter, a shady place to excel you, your beloved ones for more possibilities, protections, and blessings.

Being an Early Childhood Educator and a breastfeeding mum, Dim Sum said she needs to know what she applies and practices.  As she firstly got in touch with Young Living essential oil, she was filled with hesitation. Striving for better understanding of essential oil, she kept on learning, trying with proof and evidence. She was grateful to the multi-learning activities, networking opportunities organized by Young Living.


Nowadays, life is getting complicated and impractical that it has been manipulated by chemicals. Modern science and commercial community produce a lot of natural-like products. Excess consumption deteriorates human’s mental and physical health from generation to generation. Serving as a teacher and a mother, she needs to learn the way to choose.  “Aromatherapy is an art of loving ourselves, others, and the world.  Just like breastfeeding, it is a precious natural resource which benefits our soul and physical balance in a long run.” Dim Sum believes.


I have never imagined the existence of Young Living products in my life could bring such a remarkable improvement to my family’s well-being. Regardless the stress from working alone for business and family have put me a lot of strain in my health, Young Living empowers her to be free from limitation and grants her resources leading to a balanced and healthy life. Thus, she can look after her family and adhere to the pursuit of her goal for a profession of top quality.