Korbut Wong & Joseph Lau

Royal Crown Diamond

"Remember: there’s no one on earth so righteous as to do good only and never make a mistake. Instead of focusing on what was wrong, why not rectify the mistakes, and move on? There is no need to wait for an opportunity to become available, we should take responsibility to seek our own path and never give up. Keep trying, keep believing and be happy!" Korbut said with determination and a smile. Two and a half years ago, Korbut met Young Living through a friend. This is when she learned that natural therapies and may help with enhance children's health. "I couldn't wait to share with my friends how wonderful I felt, so I invited them to try Young Living products. What is surprising was that I received a lot of ‘thank-you’ because my friends are seeing the benefits of products in their lives too.”

Similar to many Young Living members, Korbut started her Young Living journey naturally, exactly like Young Living’s belief – “Love it? Share it!”.

Korbut worked in an optical center for ten years. She found satisfaction and happiness by helping others. "The difference between working at the optical center and with Young Living is that I no longer need to work for a boss and can arrange my own time schedule at Young Living. My husband and I feel financially secured through the supplemental income we received from Young Living. We are excited about our future and can start plan for more.


“This is what I have earned from dedicating to Young Living in the past five years. We are really grateful to have Young Living, so my husband and I can spend lots of time with our children since there is no need to stay in the office until late night like a typical Hong Kong employee,” said Korbut. In case you did not know, Korbut is already a mother of six children. Therefore, time, extra income and health are extremely important to this big family! Korbut’s team has grown to over twenty-five thousand members over the past five and a half years since Korbut joined Young Living in 2015. Her team consist of elites of various industries.


In the past two years, Korbut already visited Australia, France, Ecuador, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Hawaii, and many places with Young Living. These trips not only brought her unforgettable memories but also valuable experiences and inspiration.

Because of the love in Young Living products, the confidence in the company, and the trust in her team, Korbut achieved the rank of Diamond within seven months from enrolling as a new member. This has broken Young Living’s record around the globe!
"In my Young Living journey, there are many memorable moments that truly touched my heart. The most unforgettable moment was being recognized as a Diamond leader at the International Grand Convention. At the same event, I was also recognized on stage for winning the Grand Prize of the Global Drive to Win Contest among millions of participating members. I had the opportunity to represent Hong Kong and gave a speech on the grand stage in front of tens thousands of audiences. It was very touching and that feeling is still very realistic even today!"

Being asked the biggest challenges she has faced at Young Living, Korbut immediately said that it must be time management! “When I first started developing my Young Living business, I already had five children at home. My youngest child was only 4 months old and the eldest one was 10 years old. You can imagine already how busy I would be! I am very thankful that my husband has always been supportive and helpful. Young Living has played an important role and helped us to improve our husband-wife relationship. Not only the products are powerful, but also (and more importantly) is that we now have common goals and common discussion topics. One of my happiest achievements is that my husband is also passionate in essential oils and proactively sharing with friends. His sharing has helped many men to start their Young Living journey. This is what I have never expected!”

Korbut strongly believes that the key to success is the power of a team. “Team power is a must in Young Living. No matter how capable one person is, that person cannot succeed in Young Living without his/her team. Having a team with the same vision and goal and work together hand-in-hand so everyone becomes successful is the way to go. Regardless of ranks and achievements, leaders should always remain eager to learn and continue to share. And don’t forget to stay focused when doing everything! Staying focus is the steppingstone to success!”