Emma Tong & Anthony Yan


Success Motto︰Persistence and not giving up is important to make impossible possible.

Emma was planning to give birth after getting married. Because of her husband's health, she carefully studied the beneficial effects of essential oils. At that time, Emma's sister has done a very good job in Young Living but she rejected to build Young Living business as she had a very bad impression of direct selling industry and she was lacking in confidence.


Things started to change until Emma got pregnant. She decided to try building Young Living as she wants to spend more time with family. Emma believes persistence and not giving up is important to make impossible possible.


Emma found it difficult in the beginning of her Young Living journey as everything is a new challenge to her. Emma remembers for the first live broadcast; she was nervous for a month and even too embarrassed to answer questions in the chat group. Emma thanks for Young Living providing an opportunity for her to learn deeply of herself and understand the theory of “practice makes perfect” by not giving up so easily.


In 2016, Emma participated in the company's Silver Retreat. At that time, Gary Young, the founder of Young Living, prayed for the people who suffered from the typhoon. Emma wondered why Gary cares so much even he doesn't know those suffering people? And this heart touched Emma very much and made her think about how could her life can affect the world.


"Gary's attitude towards people and things, he saw the good side in everyone, and he also uses essential oils to connect everyone together. This deeply moved me. Therefore, I promised to spread this culture and influence others’ life with my life." Emma believes that Young Living is not only a business to her, but also gives her a chance to pursue her dreams, affirm her life value, and give her a chance to reflect on her life! She is very grateful to her team and her husband, Anthony, for sharing the same belief, being a companion to spread the spirit of Young Living.