Recognition Retreats

2018 Gold Retreat

Join us and enjoy the pristine beauty of northern Idaho during the 2018 Gold Retreat! Held at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane, Washington, and at the breathtaking Young Living farm in St. Maries, Idaho, from July 31–August 4, this annual recognition event for qualified Golds is a must-attend experience for advancing Young Living leaders.Attendees will take part in an immersive tour of the farm and distillery and receive firsthand experience with our Seed to Seal® quality commitment, which is at the heart of Young Living’s industry excellence.Qualifying Golds will also learn the proven path toward living a more fulfilling life and building a lastingly successful Young Living organization. Attendees will leave the retreat inspired and empowered like never before, ready to take Young Living to the world!

St. Maries Farm

The St. Maries, Idaho, farm is where it all started. It was established by Founder D. Gary Young in 1993, when he brought lavender seeds from Provence, France, and planted them on what is now the St. Maries farm. The farm grows botanicals such as lavender and melissa to be distilled into our pure essential oils.


Any member who has qualified as a Gold for three consecutive months between May 1, 2017, and April 30, 2018, and who has not previously attended a Gold Retreat is invited to attend. This reward is offered* for one person per membership. For more information about qualifications, click here. Registration will open approximately May 18, 2018. (Date is subject to change.)

Guest Responsibilities

Qualifiers may invite one eligible guest* to attend for a $600 fee, which includes provided meals, accommodations, provided group activities, and ground transportation to event activities. If the guest ranks below Gold, he or she may not attend training sessions. Guests must pay for their own airfare.
Young Living is a family company, and as such, we understand that members may want to bring children with to the retreat. Please note that while this is allowed, Young Living will not accommodate activities, meals, lodging, transportation, or day care for children. For those planning on bringing children, a list of day care options will be available on the registration website.
*An eligible guest must be at least 18 years old to attend. Guests who are members ranking lower than Gold may not attend training meetings at the event.
** This reward incentive trip is a taxable item from Young Living. You will see this as a line item on your 1099 tax form from Young Living.
For more information about qualifications, click here.
For other event-related questions, please email, contact Leadership Services, or call your country office.