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Franciela Madrid & Juan Arevalo

Juan Arevalo and Franciela Madrid have worked together ever since they started dating, when they had their own consulting company and a different set of dreams than they do now. While suffering some health challenges, Franciela decided to dedicate her time to finding alternative solutions that could improve the quality of life for her and her family. She became certified as a naturopath and a health coach and has pursued other natural practices.
In July 2013, Franciela started to share these positive changes with her friends, and their interest was piqued. Once they started using Young Living products, sharing oils became just another excuse to get together as friends and bond over their love of Young Living.
Before she knew it, Franciela had ranked up to Silver and qualified to join Young Living for a trip to Hawaii. It was during that trip that she began to conceptualize her YL business. Once Juan realized that Young Living was not just another business corporation but a company with heart and soul, he joined her and Mariana, their daughter, to connect with friends throughout Mexico. Together, they teamed up to build the largest Young Living organization in Latin America.
What fuels this self-motivated team the most is helping as many other families as they can to achieve their dreams as well.



Artemis’s career began in science and zoology, but her fascination with the things science can’t explain led her to a career as a professional psychic and spiritual teacher.
In 1998, Artemis came across Young Living Essential Oils. The results were like nothing she’d ever seen before. Her desire to understand how Young Living’s oils could be so much more potent and effective than other brands took her around the world many times, as she studied with D. Gary Young and spent time with him on the Young Living farms.
Today, Artemis continues to travel across the globe, sharing her passion for Young Living’s oils and business and changing many lives in the process.


Nicole Barczak

Michigan, USA

As a former photographer and elementary teacher, Nicole Barczak feels that this business chose her, as essential oils and network marketing were not something she ever saw herself becoming involved in. “My friends kept talking about oils, though it took me a while to realize our family had a need for these products. Once we started using them, I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of.”
Nicole has worked to join the top ranks of Young Living leaders and enjoys every part of her leadership role, including learning about alternative wellness solutions, connecting with old and new friends, and helping others.
When she isn’t sharing her passion for Young Living and training her team, Nicole enjoys camping with her family, horseback riding, traveling, and the beach. Nicole and her husband, Ryan, live in Dexter, Michigan, with their four children. Their busy home also includes horses, dogs, and cats.

Terry and Ladonna Beals

Oklahoma, USA

Terry and Ladonna Beals have been busy sharing their passion for Young Living for many years. After meeting one another at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Texas, the Beals began their journey together. Ladonna first became interested in Young Living after a class at a friend’s home and experiencing the Raindrop Technique®. Since then, Young Living has become a family tradition for the Beals. Not only are Terry and Ladonna leaders within Young Living, but all four of their children are also Young Living members.
The Beals have lived their passion for helping others enjoy life with optimal wellness, purpose, and abundance. Young Living has provided a foundation of confidence for both Terry and Ladonna.
In their free time the Beals enjoy a range of hobbies. Ladonna loves reading, cooking, going on walks, and mentoring women. Terry spends his time woodworking, gardening, and enjoying history documentaries. This dynamic couple has a lot of plans for the future.

Yoni Bonawi

With experience as an electronic engineer, a certified bodywork therapist, and parent of an autistic daughter, Yonie is a passionate caregiver who loves to help children with challenges and “bring out their greatest potential,” she says. Her work with Young Living has opened doors and connected her to families with disabled children all over the world.

Being able to meet and network with like-minded people is Yonie’s favorite part about Young Living, and managing her team has been a challenge that she loves. “It’s molded me into a people person when I used to be shy and introverted,” she explains. Some of her best friends—who to her, feel like family—have been found through her business journey.

Yonie’s greatest teacher and mentor is her daughter Edura. “Her strength despite her disabilities is what motivates me every time I feel discouraged,” she says. “She makes me a better person.” She also admires all the mothers who never give up hope for their disabled children. Yonie currently lives with her two kids and her mother in Singapore.

Sandi & Kyler Boudreau

Hawaii, USA
Since nearly day one of Young Living, Sandi Boudreau’s mantra has been “Love God; love people; keep it simple.” She believes Young Living is for everyone—not just the products but the business opportunity, too. She says, “If someone like me can succeed with oils and with sharing, anyone can!”
The Boudreaus believe Young Living offers the perfect platform for positive change. “Just invest in you!” Sandi explains.
The Boudreaus currently live in Hawaii with their 3-year-old daughter. In addition to supporting their YL team, Kyler pursues his passion for filmmaking via
The Boudreaus enjoy hosting friends, exploring the island via hiking and diving, and empowering others to pursue freedom. “We want to help people live in the freedom that comes from doing what you’re meant to do in this life,” Sandi says. “We can each build a legacy. Make it meaningful and beautiful!”

Lauren & Nat Bretz

Florida, USA
Lauren Bretz loves to serve and help people wherever she goes. “We all have a purpose,” she explains, “Mine is to add value to the world by encouraging others.” Some of her greatest passions include practicing her faith in God, spending time with her family, and creating delicious meals. She loves the people she meets through Young Living and that she has the opportunity to be a tiny part of their stories.

Lauren is living her dream. She loves being able to create memories with her family and homeschool her five kids with her husband. She also wants to teach her children how to pursue the kind of dreams that will impact others for good.

Crystal and Verick Burchfield

Missouri, USA
In 2009, Crystal and Verick Burchfield were gifted a bottle of Thieves® Household Cleaner by a friend. Not long after, they were diffusing Thieves essential oil in their home as well, but it wasn’t until 2011 that Crystal became a member and jumped into learning how to use the oils every day.
Although she had spent years saying no to the business side of Young Living, she found herself sharing her testimony of the products. Everything changed when she changed her no to a yes and opened her heart to the business. Less than two years later, Verick retired from his career to co-lead the organization and help homeschool their four kids. After seeing an underserved community, Verick created a men’s crossline group—Essentially Equipped Challenge—which hosts a biannual event to help individuals advance their businesses, faith, and lives.
In addition to the communities they serve, the Burchfields also participate in the global fight to end human trafficking, and they’ve partnered with the nonprofit Hope for Justice for several years.
Through it all, even adversity, Crystal and Verick have found a way to infuse faith, family, and purpose into everything they do. They are thankful to God, Young Living, and their organization for their incredible journey.

Danielle Burkleo

New York, USA
Danielle Burkleo began her Young Living journey in March of 2016, while looking for more natural ways to support her family’s lifestyle. Shortly after falling in love with the products, Danielle began her business journey and never looked back.
Danielle keeps her family in the forefront of her mind as she works, and she values the friendships she’s created along the way. Encouraging her team is what she enjoys most about her work. “Our team has a beautiful culture that uplifts and inspires,” she says. “I love to let others know all the ways I see them shine. This is my absolute dream job, and I am so thankful, every single day.”
Danielle lives with her husband, Caleb, and their five children in upstate New York, where she enjoys being a mom, spending time outside, traveling, running, and cooking.


Kristen Critz

Tennessee, USA
Kristen Critz has two sons named Hudson and Ford, a husband named Jordan, and a creative heart. She looks for beauty in life and adventure in entrepreneurship. Their family lives in Nashville, Tennessee, as Texas transplants.
Young Living has inspired Kristen to take a proactive approach to her health. “I’m more confident than ever in taking care of myself and my family,” she says. Her attitude of empowerment extends to her growing business. “I love seeing women and men set free from whatever it is that holds them back and walk into the calling over their life through the opportunity of this business."
Helping others find belonging in Young Living is a gift for Kristen. Growing up, her parents instilled in her the belief that she could accomplish whatever she was called to do. Her husband has been another great supporter of her dreams. She is, in turn, able to see the potential in others and express her belief in them. “Believing in someone can literally change the trajectory of a person’s life,” she says.


Sha-Faun Enterprises, Shauna Dastrup

Utah, USA

Shauna Dastrup and her late husband, Richard, have created a memorable story. The Dastrups grew up in central Utah and met in high school where they became sweethearts. Their marriage in 1965 kicked off a new chapter in their lives that included college, starting businesses, and establishing a beautiful family.
Following a move to St. George, Utah, Shauna and Richard were introduced to Young Living in 1995. Soon after, they decided to make a career change from their successful floor covering business and an overall lifestyle change through Young Living. Having no experience with network marketing, the Dastrups relied on their entrepreneurial spirits to build their Young Living business and found success through their leadership and business know-how.
The Dastrups have four children, all of whom are Young Living members. They also have 15 grandchildren, 7 more by marriage, and 7 great-grandchildren, including a set of triplets. Some of Shauna’s favorite memories include her family’s summer retreat where they spend precious time together. Shauna continues to serve others and live her life by example.

Kristy & Jake Dempsey

Texas, USA
The Dempseys met when they were 15 years old, and after being pen pals for four years, they began dating in person. They have been married for 17 years.

Before Young Living, Kristy was a kindergarten teacher. Jake works as a software developer for his own company. Their favorite essential oil is EndoFlex™, “because it supports and benefits our entire family,” Kristy says.

Kristy and Jake currently live in Dallas, Texas, with their son and daughter.

Sabina Mary DeVita, EdD

Sabina DeVita is passionate about her private practice clinic, teaching seminars, and enlightening people about health truths. “I empower others by furthering their knowledge,” she says. “I love to learn and consider myself an ongoing student of life.” Her other hobbies include reading, cooking, dancing with her husband, and family gatherings filled with laughing, singing, and fine dining. Sabina has authored several books that feature her research on Young Living’s skin care products.
Her journey to wellness began as a result of her research. “My doctoral studies led me to search for natural wellness companies, and I discovered Young Living,” she says. “I built my Young Living business as I continued healing from personal illnesses.” Despite criticism and other setbacks, Sabina relied on personal mentors and mottos such as: “Where there is vision, people flourish!” By sticking to her vision, she now experiences the overall freedom she has always dreamed of. “This business grew slowly but steadily because I believe that whatever you choose to think becomes your reality,” she says. Sabina is proof of the power of personal vision.

Gordon & Corie DeVries

Alaska, USA
When Corie first started sharing Young Living, her dream was to help her husband transition out of his career as an Air Force pilot of 15 years, and allow for him to be home full-time. From there, that dream has expanded as they continue building their growing team. “We are unspeakably grateful for this journey,” Corie says.

As someone who has always called herself a health nut, Corie describes the impact that Young Living products have had on her family. “Now I’m truly confident that I have the tools I need to keep them healthy,” she says. “I’m incredibly passionate about what I do, and I couldn’t have grown such a successful business with any other company.”

The DeVries appreciate every chance for growth that Young Living has offered. “This career has pushed me to intentionally face my fears,” Corie says. Their favorite part of Young Living is helping people to “find freedom and discover they are capable of so much more than they realize.” Gordon and Corie have five children and enjoy spending time outdoors together.


Denise Easthon

Ohio, USA
As a semi-retired traditional midwife, Denise Easthon is passionate about personal autonomy, particularly as it relates to parenting and birth. She is the mother of nine children and grandmother of eight. Through health tragedies, Denise set out on the path of finding more natural choices for her family. “Young Living has been an incredible blessing to our lives,” she explains. “It gives us freedom we never dreamed possible.”
The biggest change Denise has faced is her mindset. “Investing in personal development through books, videos, and events helped me transform,” she says. Fellow Young Living leaders Heather Brock, Sara Wallace, Carrie McVigue, and Kari Friedman—all women Denise views as powerhouses—have inspired her to “do more, be better, keep going, and never stop.”
Denise looks to the future with a drive to never be content in just standing still. “I want to continue to experience the world, inspire people to achieve financial freedom, give to our local church and good causes, and enter the next life well lived and well loved,” she says.


Jessica Gianelloni

Louisiana, USA
Although she was born and raised in America, Jessica Gianelloni is happiest in Uganda, which has become her “home away from home.” She is the mother of five children—each just one year apart and one of whom was adopted from Uganda. “I want to live my life to change the world for others, even if it's just one child at a time,” she says.

Jessica’s family has always been wellness-minded, so integrating with Young Living came naturally. “The introduction of Young Living made perfect sense,” she says. “When I realized it was a purpose-driven company, it was like a dream come true.” She now gets to experience the three pillars of the company daily: wellness, purpose, and abundance.

Jessica also loves to serve, inspire, and encourage others around her. “I have a God-given passion to educate and empower mothers to make informed decisions regarding the health of their children,” she explains. She advocates for justice causes and strives to be a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves.

Kelowna & Paul Giuliano

California, USA
Kelowna Giuliano is a surfer, beach lover, and holistic health practitioner who is passionate about connecting emotions with symptoms in the physical body. She’s worked in physical therapy, specializing in craniosacral therapy and is a Reiki master and teacher.

Her first Raindrop Technique® massage experience inspired her to learn more about oils so she could better care for herself and her clients. “I began to use the uplifting aroma of the oils to invite positive emotions,” she explains. “It was a big turning point for me personally and for my business.”

Kelowna and her husband have two kids, ages 8 and 10, and together their lives revolve around oils and spending as much time in the ocean as possible. “This business has taught me to find balance,” she says. “I strive to be fully present in every phase of life.”

Danette and Jim Goodyear

Texas, USA

Danette Goodyear joined Young Living 15 years ago with no intention of building a business. After discovering Young Living’s commitment to high-quality products, she set a goal to earn a commission check that would pay for her oils. She experienced the Young Living farm in France, where she spent time working the land and watching the Seed to Seal® story unfold with Gary Young, and she became dedicated to the company. Through consistent sharing and commitment, she established herself as a loyal YL leader.
Danette’s husband, Jim, left his role as vice president of sales for a tech company in 2014. Although he intended to go back to work with a startup company, Jim attended the Diamond Retreat later that summer in France and there declared “Diamond is the lifestyle for me!” Now they work together with their YL team, and Jim helps educate men on the wellness benefits of all Young Living products. Because of the healthy support products, time, and financial freedom YL has produced, Jim was able to train, start, and finish a 2,700-mile independent mountain bike race from Canada to Mexico!
Danette and Jim are so thankful for their amazing team members who spread the YL message. Together, they believe everyone can live a life of wellness, purpose, and abundance.

Carla & Bill Green

Carla and Bill Green like to spend their time exploring the great outdoors, traveling the world, and dancing every opportunity they get. Bill loves motorcycles and has even been known to motorcycle from their home in Alberta, Canada, to Salt Lake City to help raise funds for the Young Living Foundation. They are passionate about empowering others to, as they put it, “take charge of their health and find financial success.”
While raising their four children, who also joined Young Living, Bill and Carla made the decision to always keep one parent home, no matter the financial sacrifices. Carla explains, “Knowing that our kids and other parents can use Young Living to stay at home is what makes my heart sing.”
Helping others reach financial freedom is the Greens’ way of paying it forward. “We’ve always been giving people,” Bill says, “but with Young Living, we’re able to give so much more.”

Patricia Gwee


Patricia Gwee is a passionate educator who is dedicated to helping families seek safe, natural solutions to wellness and enabling women to reach their greatest potential. She discovered a love for natural wellness alternatives after a personal crisis 15 years ago and began educating herself through books, research, and courses. “That’s when I came across Young Living, and my life dramatically changed for the better,” she says.
By joining Young Living’s inspiring community, she has been able to create a toxin-free lifestyle for her family, which she is thrilled to share. “Sharing products with those around me has led me to build a thriving business that benefits everyone involved,” she says. She is humbled and grateful for the connections she’s made with other members and for opportunities to participate in philanthropic projects.
“Being a dedicated mom is the driving force behind my search for natural solutions,” she explains. She strives to empower family and friends through healthy choices and self-care. Patricia's other hobbies include reading, listening to soulful music, and attending musicals and fun concerts with her family.


Mary Hardy

Michigan, USA

Mary Hardy has dedicated her life to teaching others about natural wellness options and lifestyles. She taught physical education for 20 years, until she contracted an unknown illness. Determined to support her body, she pursued a PhD in homeopathy and nutrition, and she taught and cared for many clients until meeting Gary Young in 1995.
After meeting Gary, she began sharing her new knowledge of oils with her clients in person and through newsletters. Her background in the systems of the body and her passion for the connection between mind, body, and spirit have given her great success while sharing Young Living’s products.
Mary is also a spiritualist minister, and her life focus is to help people raise their consciousness, become attuned to creation, and use essential oils to spread love through the planet. Mary stays busy attending conferences, but she fits in fun by playing cards with her travel companions while she waits for flights.

Katie & Zack Harris

Oregon, USA
Since joining Young Living, Katie Harris has learned that her past doesn’t define her, and she is determined to share that truth with others. “Small changes add up over time,” she explains. “I love empowering other women to realize their full potential.”

As a leader, Katie focuses on being caring, adventurous, and intentional. She speaks authentically about what she sees in others, believing that kind and honest words can change people’s perspectives as they realize what they’re capable of. “I see the best in people and push them to see it in themselves,” she says.
Katie currently lives in Bend, Oregon, with her husband and children. When she’s not spending time with her family outside at the beach, she also enjoys connecting with friends over coffee or wine.

Dallas Harting

Arizona, USA

Raised in a Young Living home, Dallas Harting grew up seeing the benefits of a wellness lifestyle firsthand. “I was born into a world of entrepreneurship, and I absolutely love it!” he says. Influenced by mentors like Gary and Mary Young and his parents, Jim and Marcella Vonn Harting, he knows the power of hard work and having fun while you do it.
Young Living has been a supporting influence for Dallas through his collegiate tennis career, in his personal life, and for his family and friends throughout the world. In addition, Young Living has helped him see the importance of personal development and having like-minded people around you. “I love to help leaders reach for aspirations that they never thought possible before,” Dallas says.
Dallas’ hobbies include spending time on the water—lakes, oceans, and anywhere he can be on a boat—and living life to the fullest! He is working to get his helicopter pilot license and dreams of traveling to China’s Ningxia Province to eat fresh wolfberries! Dallas currently lives in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Stacie Hartzler

Missouri, USA
When Stacie Hartzler started with Young Living, the lifestyle fit perfectly with her already health-conscious family. “Now I know all my products are safe for my family,” she says. “And on top of that, I get to work with the best relationships I’ve ever had, rubbing shoulders with friends who love the Lord.” She also uses her people-person mentality and her passion for essential oils to support her team and move her business forward.

In her free time, Stacie enjoys cooking with Vitality™ essential oils, being married to the love of her life, and spending time with her family. “I love being a mom to our five kids, and I love empowering people to do all that they are called to do,” she says.

Jilene & Duane Hay

The Hays are what some might call “a love-at-first-sight” couple. After meeting in an 11th grade science course, they became fast friends. “Duane stood out with blue hair, an amazing sense of humor, and keen musical ability,” Jilene says. Duane admired Jilene’s playful, outgoing spirit, intellect, and humility. After working together on a project, they realized they were meant to be. They’ve been married for 11 years and currently live with their four children in Kelowna, British Columbia.
Jilene was raised by entrepreneurial parents and worked alongside them before majoring and working in accounting for several years. Before Young Living, Duane worked as a commercial flight instructor and as a cable installer. They love growing alongside their Young Living team as they educate others on the importance of toxin-free living.
The biggest goal on their family bucket list is to experience the world together as a traveling homeschool family and as missionaries. The Hays are grateful for the many loving relationships and friendships they have developed while sharing Young Living.

Rachel & Ryan Holland

Texas, USA
Rachel Holland and her husband, Ryan, live in Texas with their children, Faith, Jacob, Carissa, and Luke. The Hollands met in college, where they became friends and started a Bible study group. They have been married for 18 years.
Before Young Living, Rachel was a “deal blogger,” searching for deals and posting them online for others to find. Now, she has another focus, saying, “I can’t imagine life without Young Living products."
While choosing a favorite product is nearly impossible, Rachel says she doesn’t ever go to sleep without applying the Peace & Calming® essential oil blend to her wrists. "The mental clarity, energy, and health support Young Living products provide is life-changing!” she says.

Jonathan & Laura Hopkins

Texas, USA
For Laura and Jonathan Hopkins, the motivation to succeed comes from their desire to leave a legacy for their children and to share their abundance with others. “What’s the point of working without the freedom to enjoy and pass along the fruit of your labor?” asks Laura.

To support their team, they travel the globe and host trainings in their home. Laura creates brand loyalty by building relationships with members and helping them create health goals, while Jonathan uses principles from his coaching career to engage men as product users and leaders.

Two of Laura’s favorite Young Living oil blends are Transformation™ and Believe™ for their invigorating and inspirational qualities, while Jonathan likes Idaho Blue Spruce for its grounding aroma. In their free time, the couple enjoys camping, exploring ATV trails, and attending their daughter’s basketball games. They also love visiting Young Living farms around the world.


Dr. Gabriele Hauser & Markus Idl


Dr. Hauser has been involved with Young Living since 2001, when she was introduced to the essential oils by a friend. When she met Gary and Mary for the first time, she knew that her purpose was to bring Young Living to Europe.
Markus’ first experience with essential oils came when Dr. Hauser introduced him to Joy™ oil blend and to the Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture™ kit. His life and well-being improved so much that he decided to become a Young Living member and share essential oils with others.
Says Dr. Hauser, “My partner Markus and I love to inspire, nourish, and teach from our hearts many different themes about these precious oils and all other YL products.”
Markus is similarly inspired by the vision of helping others through Young Living. “I was so impressed by the quality of the oils that I needed to share the opportunity of the Young Living lifestyle around the world,” he says. “Achieving financial freedom gave me even more possibilities to support our friends on their journeys to freedom!”


Kathy & Chip Kouwe

New York, USA

The Kouwe’s were proud owners and operators of a golf course for seven years before they turned their attention to running their Young Living business full time. They were able to quickly earn enough to sell the course and focus on helping others through Young Living’s products. Now, in their own words, they “eat, breathe, and sleep YL.”

Of all Young Living’s products, Kathy is particularly passionate about Valor® and Joy™ essential oil blends and uses them daily. She loves seeing Young Living’s products and business opportunity change people’s lives and the passion and excitement that follow.

The Kouwe’s Young Living lifestyle has allowed them to enjoy their 94-acre property, travel to places they had never even dreamed about, and meet hundreds of wonderful people around the world whom they now call friends. Besides their Young Living business, the Kouwe’s are passionate about faith, family, and riding their motorcycles.


Lindsey & Casey Leif

Nebraska, USA

Before starting her business with Young Living, Lindsey Leif worked as an elementary school teacher and counselor. She has been married to her high school sweetheart, Casey, for 12 years. “We have gifts and personalities that complement each other well,” she says. “I love being married to my best friend.”
As a busy mom, wife, and business owner, Lindsey says she uses NingXia Red daily. “I love knowing that my family is supporting their overall wellness,” she says. “There isn’t a day that goes by when we haven’t used something from Young Living!” Her goal is to empower as many leaders on her team as she can. “It brings me so much joy to see women discovering their abilities,” she says.
Lindsey lives in Sutton, Nebraska, with her husband and their sons, Roman, Archer, and Gus—and, after the summer of 2018, a new baby! They love traveling together and living a simple, faith-filled life. “My greatest desire is to raise a happy, deeply connected family with my husband,” she says.


Joanna Malone

California, USA
Joanna Malone, a former action sports designer, was introduced to essential oils through her husband’s ex-wife, who taught her how to use the oils on Joanna’s stepchildren. Before Young Living, Joanna thought she had the perfect job, but through her work with the company, she “found more purpose.” Her passion for the products and business come from seeing people have “breakthroughs” in their health and “reach new levels of life—whether emotional, financial, or physical.”

Joanna feels like the business chose her, and she owned that from the very start. At the time, she had ended a relationship with a client and decided to put her all into Young Living. Her journey has been a unique one, which she sees as being one “big, personal development.” This has inspired her to dedicate her time to in-person experiences and personal-growth classes. Joanna has one child with her husband, Justin, and four stepchildren.

Stacy & James McDonald

Illinois, USA
Stacy McDonald began using essential oils in 2001, while making her own bath and body products. However, it wasn’t until March 2010, after joining Young Living, that she began to experience the benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils beyond their aromatic uses. As a blogger, she loved teaching other women about essential oils, and she wanted them to be equipped to take control of their own health and to be able to minister to their families naturally. She had no interest in a business.

The oils soon began to sell themselves. As others discovered how well they worked, word spread, and Stacy began to receive what they now refer to as "the accidental paycheck.” She liked the idea of these “referral” checks, but she still didn’t see the potential ahead. Eventually, Stacy’s husband, James, stopped joking about her “snake oils” and started asking her, “Do you have an oil for this?” He was hooked. Once he caught the vision, they began working together to grow a thriving organization that includes thousands of families experiencing health and freedom! It is their family’s goal to live their lives to the glory of God, enjoying Him every step of the way.

Diane Mora

Colorado, USA

By the time she first saw Gary Young in 1993, Diane Mora had already developed an interest in natural wellness, and she was captivated by Gary’s passion, charisma, and knowledge. During the 1990s, she had the opportunity to attend his all-day classes several times a year in Denver, where she gained wisdom and inspiration.
While she had no real health challenges herself, Diane wanted to help people and started sharing Young Living with anyone and everyone who would listen. This work blossomed into a wonderful group of friends and a great team.
She values her many marvelous Young Living experiences, among them visiting eight of our farms and making friends all over the world. An abundant life is what Diane calls it, and she is eternally grateful!


Tracey Black Nielson & Trevor Nielson

California, USA
Former web marketing manager Tracey Nielson stumbled onto oils while blogging. “I instantly fell in love with the products,” she says. “Once I started sharing them on my blog and with friends, I really fell in love with the business of Young Living.” She is passionate about educating others by simplifying what can seem complicated at first. “I want to show how easy it can be to make healthy changes,” she says.

Through Young Living, Tracey has met a group of incredible people. “I love the people I work with even more than I love my oils. They are the best people I know.” Tracey is a Hawaii native living in San Diego with her husband, Trevor—a former semi-professional surfer—and their three boys, all who share the same love for the ocean. Their favorite adventures together include water sports at the beach, traveling, and trying new restaurants.

Aditya Nowotny

Aditya Nowotny was born in Austria and raised in Germany. He is motivated by an inner flame and has a desire to become all that he can. He loves personal development and the opportunity to serve others through his work.
In August of 2009 at a meditation retreat, an old friend introduced Aditya to Young Living. He fell in love with everything—from the oils, to the welcoming tribe, to the wellness lifestyle. “With Young Living, the essence predominates. Superficial things take second place,” he says. This is incredibly valuable for Aditya, who has concerns about companies where people and products fall by the wayside.
Aditya is grateful for the “invisible hand from high above” that he feels blesses him with a feeling of abundance and freedom in his life.


Anita U. Barbara Ochsenhofer


The legacy of Young Living runs deep for Anita Ochsenhofer, whose mother, Barbara Ochsenhofer, was Europe’s first Diamond member. “She is my greatest inspiration,” Anita says. “My mother’s experiences have been a wonderful support to me.”
Anita continues to inspire others through her own Young Living business, making sure to always create an atmosphere where people are free to exercise their ambitions. “I try my best to be determined, accurate, and reliable in all I do,” she says.
Her other passions include aerobics, biking, and skiing with her partner. “I am trained as a ski instructor and previously worked as a fitness trainer,” she says. “These kinds of activities bring a balance to my life.”
Anita is thankful for the Young Living lifestyle that has benefited both her and her family for years. “Young Living has taught me how to be health-conscious,” she says. “It also offers me freedom in my everyday work in a way that’s unique to this business.”


Shelby & Tyler Paulk

Michigan, USA
Shelby Paulk lives in Rockford, Michigan, with her husband, Ty, and their six children—Riley, Lincoln, Emery, Anistyn, Clara, and Cannon. She met Ty while studying at Spring Arbor University, and she knew he was the one from their first date. “We had an instant connection and have been inseparable since,” she says. “We’ve been married 13 years, and I absolutely couldn’t do this business without him and his support.”
Shelby says that every aspect of their lives has changed since they started using Young Living’s products. She can’t imagine life without Thieves Household Cleaner, NingXia Red, Savvy Minerals by Young Living, and Frankincense essential oil. Her response when asked to pick a favorite? “How do you pick just one? You don’t!”
From the beginning, the Young Living business has inspired Shelby to dream big and go after her goals. “I want to give my children and our team all the opportunities I can,” she says. “I’m incredibly humbled and grateful by how blessed we have been.”

Nathan & Jessica Petty

California, USA

Before her contact with Young Living, Jessica Petty had several experiences with essential oils, but it wasn’t until seeing Young Living’s lavender farm in Mona, Utah, that she knew she needed to become a Young Living member. From that moment on, this former stockbroker wanted to share her love of oils with others, but she had reservations about direct selling to family and friends. Her concerns were resolved after Young Living members in a social media group explained that the core of Young Living was about sharing knowledge, not pushy selling. Jessica started and grew a successful business, despite the disappointment of low attendance at her first class.

Jessica is married to Nathan Petty, a wedding photographer who supports Jessica through taking care of their four children and their home, contributing to her success by “picking up the slack.” The Petty family enjoys miniature golfing together, and Jessica enjoys reading and meditation. Nathan attests that if she has a free moment, her mind turns to oils. “I just wake up so excited,” she says. “I never thought work could be fun.”

Kimberly & Ryan Prather

Indiana, USA
Friends admire Kimberly Prather for her great intuition. She is a wife and the mother of nine children, and she loves to scrapbook, play the piano, and—most of all—spend time with family. Recently, she and her family moved out of the city to be closer to loved ones, fulfilling one of her longtime dreams.
Kimberly’s work with Young Living has allowed her the opportunity to see people chase their own dreams. “Watching other people accomplish great things has been a great motivator to me,” she says. As her dreams have become reality, Kimberly says she has found abilities in herself that she didn’t know she had. “Before Young Living, I was a stay