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Whether you’re a busy parent or simply struggling to strike the perfect work-life balance, it’s easy to forget to prioritise yourself and your favourite self-care rituals sometimes. When it comes to taking time out to unwind during busy days, sticking to a healthy morning routine can be particularly helpful, whether that means indulging with morning skincare rituals, taking time to breathe and stretch with a yoga session or simply setting goals to start you off on the right track to ensure a peaceful evening awaits. At Young Living, we understand the importance and benefits of sticking to a morning routine, and in this blog, we’ll be taking you through our top tips on how to maximise your morning self-care, helping you to enjoy a brighter and more productive day-to-day life!

Start Your Day with a Relaxing Read

When your alarm clock rings, reading might not be the first activity that springs to mind. Getting in a few morning pages can, however, offer a particularly relaxing way to start your daily routine. Whether it’s your favourite classic, a book about your latest hobby, or simply the newspaper, starting the day by reading promises a far gentler introduction to your morning than scrolling through social media, so why not give it a go? To really maximise the experience, try surrounding yourself with a comforting essential oil blend such as Awaken and pave the way to a productive day.

Awaken essential oil with crystal and books on bedside table

Embrace Positivity with Breathing Exercises

Starting your day with deep breaths, whether it’s during meditation or a gentle yoga session is a fantastic way to embrace joy, motivation, and positivity, helping you to let go of troubles that may be weighing you down. Focus your mind, centre your emotions, and feel free to stretch out your body, awakening each joint one by one as you ready yourself to face the rest of the day with a greater sense of clarity and calm. To accompany this soothing experience, you may want to try applying Young Living’s Peace & Calming® Roll-On to your wrists and pulse points.

Set Yourself Up for Success with a Spa-Like Experience

Whether you’re a lover of warming baths, a fan of indulgent massages or a skincare fanatic who feels their best when they’ve applied all their lotions and moisturisers, taking time in the morning to pamper yourself in your favourite way can be very beneficial for your mind, body, and soul. For the ultimate treat, we recommend trying out a DIY steam facial using Lavender, German Chamomile and Elemi essential oils. To read more on how to get fresh, glowing skin with this spa-like treat, click here!

Lavender, German Chamomile and Elemi essential oils with flower petals, towel, water bowl and salts for a steam facial

Fill Up with a Flavourful Breakfast

The perfect morning routine isn’t complete without a delicious breakfast. Too often, we find ourselves snacking or missing meals completely when work and little ones get in the way, but with your new morning habits, you’ll never miss a healthy and tasty breakfast again. For fuel that’ll see you all the way through to lunch, why not try a bowl of Gary’s True Grit Einkorn Granola? Perfect when served hot or cold, this granola is a gorgeous blend of naturally sourced oats, whole grains, nuts, berries, and seeds. Naturally sweetened with cranberries, cacao nibs and coconut sugar that are balanced by hearty sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts and pecans, this breakfast offering is made with the natural, high-quality ingredients that your active body deserves.

Stay Hydrated with a Little Help from Young Living’s Plus Oils

Whether you’re a morning person or not, staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water throughout the day is paramount for a healthy routine that’ll keep you feeling good. If you’re falling behind on your water intake because of a lack of flavour, try adding a drop of your favourite Plus essential oil to your daily water bottle. Whether you opt for Lemon+, Orange+, or Tangerine+, these little bottles of tasty goodness will brighten up any morning beverage in no time!

For more tips on essential oils that are perfect for use during morning routines, click here!

Lemon+, Orange+, and Tangerine+ essential oils with breakfast pastries, fruits, cereals, and juices

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