Young Living Captivate Incentive Program





Young Living Captivate Incentive Program (the “Program”) is sponsored by Young Living (Country) (“Young Living”). Qualification Period begins April 1, 2023, at 12:01 a.m. and ends July 31, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. , according to the time zone applicable to the sponsor's office in which the program is being sponsored. Young Living’s method of timekeeping is the official time clock for the program and is final and undisputable. Winners will be selected after the Qualification Period, based on the pre-determined criteria listed below and the membership rank of each eligible Young Living Brand Partner. Rank is based on the ranking system outlined in the Young Living Compensation Plan.

Program countdown


YLC is open to all existing members (as of Feb 2023) who are in good standing with Young Living. Members may be referred to herein as “Participants”. Participants must:
  1. Be 18 years old or above by February 1, 2023;
  2. Have their main billing address (listed under brand partner’s account) in the (Country).
  3. Pair up in a team of three from the same (Country) and assign a team leader.
  4. Paid Executive and below will compete following Silver requirements.


Participants must register as a team of three (3) and assign a team leader. All three participants must be eligible participants and reside in the same market. This program excludes all Members in other countries and is void where prohibited.

Eligible brand partners would need to opt in at which will be open from 17th March 2022, at 6:00 p.m. till 31st March 2023, at 11:59 p.m. Young Living’s method of timekeeping is the official time clock for the program and is final and undisputable. 


Qualification period begins April 1, 2023, at 12:01 a.m. and ends July 31st , 2023, at 11:59 p.m. Young Living’s method of timekeeping is the official time clock for the Program and is final and undisputable.


Winners, who can fulfill all the three requirements (#1-3) as listed below during the qualification period, will be qualified for the Trip. The competing rank is based on the Member’s paid rank as of February 2023.

Qualification Goals

Baseline OGV (November 2022 + December 2022 + January 2023 + February 2023) as BOGV
Qualifying OGV (April 2023 + May 2023 + June 2023 + July 2023) as QOGV


Criteria 1: Business Growth (OGV Growth)


Criteria 2: Personal Productivity


*New Enrollments are registered as New Brand Partners with no prior registrations with Young Living within the APAC Market.

For Personal Productivity criteria, enrollments must be within APAC and have placed a valid order >USD 0 within enrollment month.

Criteria 3: Team Management (Leg Growth)


Participants who fulfill all the 3 qualification goals listed above:
  • Business Growth
  • Personal Productivity
  • Team Management
  • within the qualification period will be awarded the Individual Prize. Should all three participants in the same team are able to fulfill ALL 3 qualification goals, all three brand partners will be awarded Team Prize in addition to the Individual Prize.

    1.  6D5N trip to Morocco (for 2 pax, winner + co-applicant/guest*)​
    2. Leadership training sessions​
    3. Exclusive YL branded souvenirs

    4. *6D5N includes days of travel.

    1. Award & Stage Recognition​
    2. Surprise Prize

    3. *An eligible guest must be at least 18 years old to attend


    Criteria Updates

    It is with great pleasure that Young Living offers more flexibility and time for participants to meet the program’s requirements. We are extending the program's conclusion to August 2023.

    By extending the qualifying period, the program acknowledges that participants may encounter unforeseen challenges or obstacles that could impede their progress within the original timeframe. The additional month allows participants to address these challenges and provides a fairer opportunity to meet the program requirements.


    Criteria 1: Business Growth (OGV Growth) Update


    During the final months of the YLC , a Double Bonus will be implemented for the Business Growth Criteria. Participants will have their monthly OGV doubled from July 1st to August 31st.

    For example, if a participant achieves 15,000 OGV in July, it will be doubled to 30,000 OGV, contributing to their business growth tally.

    Criteria 2: Personal Productivity Update
    Aside from the ability to fulfill the Personal Productivity criteria until August 31st 2023, no other changes are implemented.

    Criteria 3: Team Management (Leg Growth) Update
    Downline to Up rank (D2U)
    • D2U rank ups are now allowed in August and will extend for rank maintenance till September 2023.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The qualification period begins April 1, 2023, at 12:01 a.m. and ends August 31, 2023, at 11:59 p.m.

    The incentive trip will take place in the following year 2024. The actual travel dates will be announced when available.

    The YLC winner will travel from their home country to Morocco.

    All winners and any travel companions must set off together on the same itinerary and possess all required travel documents. If you and/or your guests choose to extend your trip outside of the event dates, you may do so at your own cost, based on availability. Young Living will not cover additional expenses for early arrivals or late departures.

    Travel costs incurred between your home and the airport are at your own expense. Travel costs incurred between the Moroccan Airport and destinated hotel within the program dates and time will be paid for by Young Living if they are part of the event program.

    Baggage fees and other expenses are solely the responsibility of the winner.

    Travel insurance is mandatory for every traveler and is not covered by Young Living. Winner and guests may select any travel insurance of your choice and must show proof of travel insurance prior to boarding the flight.

  • 6D5N trip to Morocco (for 2 pax, winner + co-applicant/guest*)
  • Transportation to and from the airport in Morocco
  • 2 x intentional leadership training sessions with Young Living professionals
  • Only Brand Partners from participating countries are allowed to participate in YLC.

    Crown Diamond and Royal Crown Diamond Brand Partners can buy-in under certain criteria. Please check with the local sales department for details.

    You can only join in one (1) team

    Winners will be notified on or near October 2023, once all auditing has been completed.

    The program is open to active Brand Partners who are in good standing with Young Living and who will be 18 years of age or older or the majority age in their jurisdiction as of February 1, 2023.

    Your guest can be anyone of your choosing who is at least 18 years of age, including co-applicants or downlines. Please see the exceptions in the following questions.

    Winner can only bring 1 guest to the trip. Please be advised that all event activities, meals, excursions, transportation etc., are for winners and their registered guest only.

    There would be a portal that participants can access to check the weekly update of business growth, personal productivity, and team management goals.

    Portal will go live on April 7th, 2023.

    The YLC Portal will be updated weekly.

    Participants that exceed the minimum or maximum BOGV as stated in the Business Growth criteria table will be given a minimum or maximum cap in QOGV growth.

    Paid Executives & below as of Feb 2023 may compete following the same qualification goals as a Silver.

    Silvers must compete at a minimum BOGV of 40k. If their BOGV is less than 40k, they would need a total of minimum 60K QOGV to complete this business growth criteria.

    Participants must personally enroll a minimum of eight (8) new Brand Partners per within the qualification period, with minimum 100PV each within APAC markets only (whether with or without YL physical office). If in doubt, please contact your sales department to verify.

    Yes, as long as by the end of the program period, you would have a minimum total of 8 new personal enrollees with minimum 100PV each within APAC markets only.

    Qualifying legs are the legs (level 1 downlines) that qualify you for your paid rank at that month. For example, to qualify for a Silver rank, one must have two legs with at least 4k OGV. The two legs with minimum 4k OGV will be the qualifying legs for the Silver, the rest of legs will be non-qualifying legs. If the Silver has 3 legs with 4k OGV and above, the top two legs with higher OGV amount will be the qualifying legs.

    You must choose only ONE non-Q leg to grow the required amount of OGV vs BOGV. This non-Q leg must be a YL Brand Partner within APAC markets (whether with or without YL physical office). If in doubt, please contact your sales department to verify.

    The Downline to Up rank (D2U) must be within the organization of your selected Non-Q leg (can be the non-Q leg’s downline or the non-Q leg himself/herself). The D2U must be personally enrolled by yourself and must be a YL Brand Partner within APAC markets (whether with or without YL physical office).

    You can choose to rank up someone new (who has never achieved Executive rank before) or to re-rank someone. By re-rank, the D2U must not be an Executive in recent months, i.e. D2U must not be paid as Executive / Silver six (6) months prior to Incentive launch. All Executive (/Silvers) must rank/re-rank,and maintain 1 consecutive month outside of the rank up month.