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Essential Oils

Q1.How long is the shelf life of Young Living Essential Oils?

A. Young Living Essential Oils have a shelf life or durability beyond 36-months

Why?Because these are PURE essential oils and are non-perishables. Young Living Essential Oils come from plants (as long as they are contained) they maintain bio-activity, safety, and efficacy. They don’t grow mold, yeast, or mildew because they don’t contain water and maintain its properties when sealed.

• Extensive stability tests, both physical and chemical, have been conducted by Global Quality team for products beyond 36 months from manufacturing date and it shows that it maintains its physical properties throughout the testing period that goes as far as 60-months

Q2.Why do Young Living Product Labels for Essential Oils have the MANUFACTURING DATE instead of EXPIRY DATE printed?

A. It is stated under the “ASEAN Cosmetics Labeling Requirements” document of Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines that only products with a 30-month shelf life requires to have EXPIRY DATE printed on the label. Since YL Essential Oils go beyond 36 months, manufacturing date is printed on the label.


Q3. If I have received a product with label indicating July 2018 Manufacturing date, is this still good to use?

A. Yes definitely. Our essential oils have been proven to withstand and maintain their stability and quality over time, supported by intensive studies by our team with Global Quality.

Q4. I received some essential oils with seemingly yellow stain on the cap, does this mean the oils are no longer potent?

A. Cap discoloration is commonly found in the following set of oils:
• Citrusy oils such as Citrus Fresh, Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange, Lime, etc.
• Tree or herb oils such as Vetiver, Myrrh, Roman Chamomile, Patchouli, Parsley, etc.
• Oil blends with high concentration of citrus and tree oils such as Christmas Spirit, Peace & Calming, etc.

The discoloration is caused by the oil molecules transferring through our porous caps but rest assured that this does not affect the quality or the performance of our oils.

Q5. Is it Possible to have an allergic reaction to essential oils?

A. Anytime you experience any kind of skin discomfort or irritation after using an essential oil, stop use immediately and apply a carrier oil to the area. Sometimes a rash is a sign of detoxification and may be your body trying to release toxins built up from other skin care products, soaps or perfumes. It could also be that the essential oil mixed with products already on your skin and caused a reaction. If you want to try the essential oil again, make sure to do a patch test and use a carrier oil for dilution.

Q6. What do I do when I experience discomfort?

A. Immediately stop use and do not rinse with water. Keep in mind that water can make the reaction more intense as it actually drives the oil further into the skin. Always dilute with a carrier oil and not water. If you get an essential oil in your eye, flush with V-6 or another carrier oil quickly. If eye discomfort doesn't go away in 5 minutes, it's best to seek medical care.

NEW POLICY ON PRODUCT EXPIRY: Personal Care, Supplement, and Home Care

Product Expiry Matrix

To ensure that you will have a worry-free experience when using our products, we are sharing our standard protocol in serving and promoting PERSONAL CARE, SUPPLEMENT AND HOME CARE products that are near their expiry dates.

Starting February 1, 2023, you may expect a special category inside your Virtual Office named “Clearance Sale”, which will contain personal care, supplement or home care products 3 to 5 months away from their expiry date at discounted prices.

For regular orders, it will be a standard protocol that we will serve Personal Care and Supplement products with 6 months shelf life and Home Care products with 4 to 6 months shelf life.

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NingXia Red

It is stipulated in Young Living Philippines Ningxia Red Singles and Bottle labels that the said product is: “For Adults only. Not intended for children, pregnant or lactating women” from the time it was launched in the local market.

This clause is a requirement upon local government registration in the Philippines due to local policy of Food and Drug Administration to protect the generally vulnerable population like children and pregnant women to be on the safer spectrum. There are NO ADVERSE effects of safety events associated with the use of Ningxia on children and pregnant women and there is no saftey issue coming from FDA for the said product.

Is Ningxia Red safe for Children and Pregnant?

Because children are smaller and more sensitive than adults, always give a smaller dose with first use. If your children have specific health conditions, it would be best to consult their physician prior to use.

When pregnant the body goes through a wide variety of changes, heightening some sensitivies that were previously not present. Due to these sensitivities and all of the changes that occur in the body, it would be wise to consult with your doctor before ingesting Ningxia Red during pregnancy. Your doctor knows you, your specific health concerns, and the status of your pregnancy; therefore, he or she should be more made aware of any plan to use such food supplements during pregnancy.