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Monthly PV Promotion

PV Promotion

Fortify your body with the purest ingredients nature has to offer. In Young Living, we ensure that every supplement and Plus essential oil can help fuel your journey toward holistic health and vitality. Live well with Young Living.

Enrollment Sets

Customized Enrollment Order

New members can now choose how to start their Young Living journey! With our newest Customized Enrollment Order, it’s easy to begin your wellness journey. Simply choose the products that you need most and reach 100 PV to be a Young Living Member.

Thieves Healthy Household Set

A sparkly, clean home is a happy home. You never have to compromise on pure ingredients for a deep clean with plant-derived Thieves products. They are safe for you, your family, and pets! Keep your home fresh and clean without harsh chemicals.

Feelings Emotional Ease Set

Start your transformative journey towards emotional wellness and inner balance. Each oil was carefully selected to nurture your mind, body, and spirit—a whole routine into self-discovery and empowerment. Embrace your emotions, embrace yourself.

Premium Experience Set

The Premium Experience Set features core favorites from among Young Living’s pure, all-natural essential oils, whether it’s to bring a sense of calm to any space or to infuse zest into your food and drinks. You can also choose your diffuser to match your lifestyle. It also includes DIY accessories for a curated experience and reading materials to help you get started on your wellness journey.

Essential Starter Kit

Here’s an easy, enlightening first step into the world of all-natural wellness. The Essential Starter Kit introduces Young Living’s timeless classics—Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Thieves, and R.C.— beloved across the world for the unique and versatile benefits they offer for a healthier, happier home.

Inner Wellness Set

Change begins from within. Discover the transformative power of our Plus essential oils, the nourishing NingXia Red, and an all-natural gut health companion—Essential Probiotics Plus—all in our Inner Wellness Kit, curated to enhance your well-being from the inside out.

Other Promotions

Enrollee Gift Promotion

All new members this April, with a purchase of any enrollment set, including the Customized Enrollment Order, can get a free Rose Ointment.

BLOOM From Within

Get a free YL White Puffer Pouch for every purchase of BLOOM Collagen Complete 10pk.